The Tiniest Mermaid by Laura Garnham (Author), Patricia MacCarthy (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 2-8 Hardcover: 28 pages Publisher: Good Books (May 2006) The Tiniest Mermaid, by Laura Garnham, is a tale of rescue, recovery, friendship and the creation of lasting memories. Lily, a young girl who lives by the 'wide

Clementine's Letter Sara Pennypacker (Author), Marla Frazee (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 7-10 Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Hyperion (April 1, 2008) Clementine is the realistically charismatic star of Sarah Pennypacker's Clementine series. Clementine's Letter is the third book in the series, and it is chock full of giggling moments.

By Bianca Schulze, The Children's Book Review Published: May 10, 2008 Someday by Alison McGhee (Author), Peter H. Reynolds (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 2 - 6 Hardcover: 40 pages Publisher: Atheneum (February 27, 2007) This is a book that will bring tears to any mom’s eyes! What could be more moving than

Wave by Suzy Lee Reading level: Ages 2-6 Hardcover: 40 pages Publisher: Chronicle Books (April 16, 2008) What to expect: Beach, Ocean, Girl, Humor For a book with out words, Wave really makes you believe and feel. It tells the story of a little girl’s day at the beach. She

By Bianca Schulze, The Children's Book Review Published: May 7, 2008 The Navigator by Eoin Mcnamee Reading level: Ages 9-12 Paperback: 368 pages Publisher: Yearling; Reprint edition (April 22, 2008) The Navigator, by Irish author Eoin McNamee, is a fantastical book of challenges and courage.  Owen is a boy who has

By Bianca Schulze, The Children's Book Review Published: May 4, 2008 Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th, celebrates the victory of the battle between Mexico and France in 1862. Suggested Reading: Abuela, by Arthur Dorros Holidays Around the World: Celebrate Cinco de Mayo, by Carolyn Otto Cinco de Mayo, by