This science-fiction mystery series certainly keeps you turning the pages. It had me hooked by page two of the first book. The stars of the books are a brother sister duo who find themselves in some sticky situations that require a lot of team work and serious problem solving . The books kind of remind me of the Magic Tree House series, only a little more grown up. The Prometheus Project books are simple, intelligent, fast reads that even a reluctant reader should have no problems getting into.

The Children’s Book Review | July 13, 2008
You say (as in you who is reading this post): What? An author’s debut novel received a Jon Newbery Honor award? You’re kidding me?

I say: I don’t joke about these things. Besides, if you’ve read Ingrid Law‘s first novel, Savvy, you’d believe me. Who can beat a coming-of-age tale about quirky family members with supernatural gifts? The characters are developed so clearly and are so colorful that the unexpected journey they take on a pink bus (yes, I said, “a pink bus”) is truly one you wouldn’t want to miss. It is clear to me that Ingrid Law’s own savvy is certainly writing, but with such honorable modesty she proclaims her savvy to be something much different. Please read the interview to find out!

This is what Ingrid Law has to say about being a writer, receiving a Newbery Honor, her own savvy, and much more …

 Sleepsong by George Ella Lyon (Author), Peter Catalanotto (Illustrator) Reading level: 1 - 4 Hardcover: 40 pages Publisher: Atheneum/Richard Jackson Books (December 23, 2008) Now that's what I'm talking about, a superb sleepy book for bedtime. Don't miss this one! The words to this lulling story, perfectly titled Sleepsong, frolic