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Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

By Luisa LaFleur, The Children’s Book Review
Published: February 17, 2010

Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000

by Eric Wight (author and illustrator)

Reading level: Ages 7-10

Paperback: 86 pages

Publisher: Simon and Schuster (forthcoming)

Source of book: author

What to expect: Overcoming adversity, importance of teamwork

Remember when you were a kid and your parents were mean? Or unfair? Or the world seemed like it was going to end because you didn’t get your way? I remember plenty of those episodes – and just when things seem to be at their bleakest, a ray of hope breaks through the clouds and you get another chance to redeem yourself. This is what the new installment of the Frankie Pickle books reminded me of – getting that chance to make things right.

Author Eric Wight has written a second graphic novel recounting Frankie Pickle’s quest to get enough Possum points to make the next rank in the Possum Scouts. When Frankie fails to get the merit badge that will promote him from Pygmy to Shrew, he gets mired in a swamp of sadness. His mom, who is the Marsupial Mother in charge of his troop, can’t help and he’s faced with being the only member of his troop who won’t advance to the next rank. But then his dad reminds him of the Pine Run 3000 race that, if he were to win it, would give him the points he needs to move up.

The story is lots of fun and the illustrations give us a peek into Frankie’s awesome imagination. It’s a great read!

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Luisa LaFleur reviews bilingual books for The Children’s Book Review to help parents choose the best books for their budding linguists. She was born in Argentina, attended school in NYC and speaks three foreign languages–Spanish, Italian and Portuguese. Formerly an editor in NYC, Luisa is currently a stay-at-home mom to two little ones.

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