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Author Showcase: Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret by Suzanne Conti

By Suzanne Conti, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: September 23, 2010

Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret, written and illustrated by Suzanne Conti, is a highly creative story that adults find is not just for children. This beautifully illustrated book holds a reminder for all. Let’s celebrate our diversity and recognize that personal success/fulfillment comes at different times for different folks. We can’t measure ourselves against others. The beauty of this book is far deeper than the vividly sweet illustrations and rhyme of imaginative imagery.  The beauty is that the message is neatly written, unfolded in terms a child can easily understand and is never “preachy”. We can all easily identify with Chloe as she makes her journey of personal discovery. This keepsake book is one that parents and grandparents will love reading with their children.

The pages are filled with bright and colorful illustrations that showcase expressions and emotions that are true and genuine for young children and compliment the story perfectly.   The rhyme throughout the story is as colorful as the illustrations, making it a pleasure to read again and again as children request it again and again.

Chloe is a little caterpillar who thinks of herself as a slimy pest and becomes envious of the talents of her Tuttle Town friends. She begins to think that if she could be like everyone else, then maybe her own luck would change. The comparisons that Chloe makes between herself and others seem so simple, yet so accurately reflect the feelings children grapple with as they learn to make their way in the world.

The diverse characters of Tuttle Town come from many lands and have their own stories.  Each is uniquely named to reflect their native land, which is an excellent way to make children more aware of different cultures while establishing how we are all alike. They play integral roles in helping Chloe understand just how wonderfully different we all are, including a little caterpillar. Chloe visits Bonita the bird who is a beautiful singer, Chitundu the Cheetah, and Borislav the Beaver among others. Little does Chloe know that she has a special lucky secret within her!  The role of mentors and teachers in our lives is demonstrated with Olivia the Owl who sees something special in Chloe that she doesn’t know she possesses.  Olivia helps Chloe realize that talent blooms with practice and patience.

This tale is a spring board for those conversations that every parent and child need to have.  Building a child’s self esteem is an ongoing process that is fostered through open communication. Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret is a must have for any family.  Reading and rereading it is sure to spur meaningful dialogue that will support the social emotional development of your children.  Chloe Finds a Lucky Secret serves as a wonderful conductor for establishing and reinforcing their own good self-esteem.

This book is recognized as an instant classic that should be added to everyone’s bookshelf.

Hardcover and paperback books are available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com.  E-book versions are also available by visiting www.TuttleTownTales.com.

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