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Author Showcase: Sign of the Rat an Illustrated Action Thriller

By Indigo Jones, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 5, 2010

What kind of novel is Sign of the Rat?

Sign of the Rat is an illustrated action thriller. The book features a 13 year-old archaeologist. His nickname is “Trouble.” The story is laced with exotic clues and set in Manhattan, Paris and Vietnam. Available in print, Kindle and iPad, with 60+ illustrations. To learn more, visit www.SiliconValleyNovel.com.

Where does “Trouble” go? Who does he meet?

Trouble’s dangerous travels begin in a Manhattan curio shop and take him to Paris. His final destination is a secret laboratory hidden in the jungles of Vietnam. On this risky expedition, it isn’t easy to know who’s on his side. A rich junkyard king, the daughter of a jewel thief and a movie addict bring help and harm. Some of them are enemies, waiting for Trouble to solve the puzzle.

How do illustrations feature in the story?

More than sixty photo-realistic illustrations bring alive Sign of the Rat. From Trouble’s neighborhood, in the shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge to the craggy islands in Halong Bay, each major setting and event is accompanied by detailed visuals. Readers experience the vivid images in the printed version. Kids can see the vibrant art in color using Kindle Apps for PC & Mac (no Kindle purchase required). Just download the free “App” from Amazon’s Kindle Store. Then you can buy the Kindle version for Sign of the Rat instead of a printed book, if you prefer. A free Kindle App is also available for the Apple iPad.

Which age group would enjoy reading Sign of the Rat?

The Trouble adventure series has brought praise from precocious children age nine to ninety. In fact, Craig Newmark, founder of Craig’s List, is a fan.

What is “kids saving kids by reading”?

Trouble’s adventures are part of Silicon Valley Novel’s “kids saving kids by reading” project. Proceeds are donated to Doctors Without Borders, winners of the Nobel Prize for their work in 60 countries around the globe. Each book sold buys medicine to save a child’s life. For more information, visit www.SiliconValleyNovel.com.

About the author: Indigo Jones is an action enthusiast. His passions include snowboarding, racing Porsches, building tree houses and writing novels. He lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and escapes to places around the world whenever he can. His favorite quote is from Mahatma Gandhi – “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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