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Author Showcase: Timekeepers and Simon Lee

By Simon Lee, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: March 9, 2011

“Okay Tom, you get to choose. What is your favourite period of history?”

Thomas looked a bit bewildered at the bizarre twist the conversation was taking but answered without really having to think about it.

“The dinosaurs,” he said.

The Professor let out a huge groan and Rebecca beamed with delight at the answer.

“Dinosaurs? Oh very good Tom, excellent choice. Right, is everybody ready?”

She stared ahead for a second as if trying to see something in the distance and then stepped forward, pulling the children with her.

The three of them disappeared.

Thomas and Emily Fletcher are quite normal children; normal in that their uncle mysteriously disappeared and now a medieval knight is trying to kill them. The only way to find out why somebody wants them dead would be to go back in time and ask their uncle, and the only people that can help are the teachers at the Tempus Viator School of Excellence.

So it’s very lucky that their new friends are time travellers…

Timekeepers is the first book in the Tempus Viator trilogy (Latin for time traveller), a series of books aimed at ten to fourteen-year-old kids. The three books follow the adventures of Thomas and Emily Fletcher, a young brother and sister, as they try to find out who wants to hurt them and why.

About Simon Lee

I left the UK a number of years ago and now live in the south of Spain. This means that I don’t see my niece and nephew, the real Thomas and Emily, as much as I want so I decided to write them a story. I want the books to give them a passion for reading which is why I have made them the main characters, and included a lot of things from our real lives. I also want to try and give them an interest in history which is why a lot of the historical references in the books are as accurate as I can make them. The physics that I have used to explain time travel, however, is just nonsense.

Visit: http://www.timekeepersbook.com/

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