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Frederick Alimonti’s The Fix-It Shop

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By Frederick Alimonti, The Children’s Book Review
Published: October 19, 2011

Kids Learn About Being Perfect Without Being Flawless

Newly released book leaves you smiling, believing in yourself, and maybe even believing in small miracles

(ARMONK, NEW YORK) – Author Frederick Alimonti has just released his newest, thought-provoking children’s book The Fix-It Shop: A Story of Music, Magic, a Baseball Bat, and a Toaster.

Alimonti has a gift for children’s lit, weaving relatable characters, and a necessary element of fantasy, with modern life lessons designed to encourage discussions about the people and the world around them.

The Fix-It Shop starts in Taconic New York, a sleepy town. In fact, it’s practically dead. Tommy Jameson wonders what has happened to “his town.” One day, an odd little man opens Ed’s Fix-It Shop. Ed Lunden, its mysterious owner, seems able to fix everything – even a hopelessly cracked baseball bat is returned to Tommy’s best friend “better than new.” These amazing repairs seem to defy any ordinary explanation. Ed strangely insists that the owners of various broken items presented to him tell them the whole story behind these “ordinary” objects – objects that turn out never to be so ordinary after all. Only after knowing the whole story behind can he really fix them, Ed explains.

After getting to know Ed and his amazing Fix-It Shop, Tommy, who has cerebral palsy, becomes convinced that Ed can even fix Tommy right “out of his wheelchair.” Ed insists that he can do no such thing and that Tommy “does not need any fixing in the first place.” Tommy refuses to believe him and wakes up every morning expecting a miracle cure from Ed and the Fix-It Shop. Tommy’s life will indeed be altered dramatically by the close of the story – but perhaps not quite as he expected. Magic? Miracle? It’s up to the reader to decide.

About the author: Frederick (Rick) Alimonti is a lawyer living in Armonk, New York. The Fix-It Shop is his third published work. Rick is married with three children and his been writing since College, where he was active in various literary magazines. Rick’s other publications address such issues as “stranger danger” and the value of diversity. Additional titles are complete and accepted for publication in the near future.

Learn more at http://www.alimontibooks.com/.

Title: The Fix-It Shop: A Story of Music, Magic, a Baseball Bat, and a Toaster
Author: Frederick Alimonti
Genre: Children’s Books
ISBN: 978 1-61777-212-2
Publication Date: August 2011
Pages: 116
Price: $10.99
Publisher: Tate Publishing

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