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Steve the Stickleback by Dave Marchetti

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By Dave Marchetti, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 25, 2011

Steve the Stickleback is a cute story aimed at young children and beginner readers. It tells the story of Steve a young male Stickleback fish on his adventure to build a nest, find a mate and care for his babies. The males of this amazing little fish start out a plain silver/ grey color but in a short time during breeding season undergo an amazing color transformation becoming a beautiful red color with traces of green and bluish eyes.  Many of these fish don’t survive their journey due to predators they may encounter along the way. Their journey takes them from deeper water into small brackish water streams filled with branches and grasses. This adventure takes place early each spring in many parts of the world including Rhode Island in a stream less than half a mile from the author’s house. In Rhode Island the fish typically begin their journey in late March and are watching over their babies within a few weeks. Unlike many native fish they readily breed in an aquarium often within days of catching them.

Steve the Stickleback is the first in a series of animal themed stories by Dave Marchetti. Mr. Marchetti is well known in Rhode Island and southern New England as ‘Dave the animal man’ presenter of Animal Experiences an incredibly hands on program/show featuring turtles, snakes, lizards, small mammals and more. His second book,  Nestle’s Big Adventure, is a story about one of his snakes and his wanderings through the house after he escapes from his cage. It is due to arrive in December of this year. A third story, The Frog With Slippery Feet is expected early in 2012.

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  • i have to tell you ,,i bought several copies of Steve the Stickleback,,,one for my niece and the other for a good friends child,,,and of course one for myself,,,i got a call from my niece telling me how very special her present was,,,and that she has read the book several times and cannot get enough of it,,,,,the second book to my friends little boy was received with a lot of excitement , i read the copy of the book i bought for myself and love it,,,,i also have a history with Steve,,,,,my very good friend Dave and I used to catch them as kids,,,,i would highly recommend this book for all to read,,,,,,thanks Dave

    January 11, 2012

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