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The Mysterious Stump by Melissa E. Herrera

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By Melissa E. Herrera, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: January 5, 2012

My Hunting Adventures, “The Mysterious Stump” is a story of a young boy, Tommy who travels on his first hunting trip with his family.  Tommy helps in the preparation of their long trip by helping his family load all the supplies needed to stay many nights in the forest in their camping trailer.  Before the family arrives at the camping spot, Tommy experiences firsthand the enormously large Northern New Mexico Wilderness Mountains.  The realness of these mountains sets quickly in Tommy’s mind as they drive up the steep dirt roads cutting in-between trees and alongside cliffs to their camping spot.

After safely arriving to their destination, Tommy begins his adventures in the newly introduced mountains by setting out to find a perfect hiding place for the first day of the Elk hunt.  In finding his perfect hiding spot he encounters a mysterious tree stump.  This stump steals a lunch that Tommy’s mother had prepared for him while he sets up his blind- hiding spot.  In closely examining the tree stump Tommy finds a discovery of scratching, screeching noises that are coming from within the tree stump.

Tommy curious of the stump covers the top with loose dirt and leaves.  To his surprise he encounters creatures that live within it who remove anything placed on top and manage to eat his food without visibly been seeing.  After creating clever schemes and setting up food traps Tommy comes face to face with these creatures.  He then spends his time trying to rid them of his self claimed stump in the forest but the creatures do not want to leave.

Tommy finds himself in a position of learning about natures surprises that are both seen and unseen.  He also learns the importance of respecting the forest and those that live within it, no matter if their home includes living in an old tree stump.

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  • This book is really cool, it enables the child to read with their parent(s) or an older sibling. Great read and can’t wait until the next book comes out.

    January 5, 2012

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