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Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia “Dream of a Warrior”

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By Jacquitta A. McManus, The Children’s Book Review
Published: May 26, 2012

Come and dream with Anyia as she pushes the boundaries of her traditions to follow her dream of becoming a Warrior.

Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia “Dream of a Warrior”

By: Jacquitta A. McManus

Labyrinth’s Door – Anyia: Dream of a Warrior is a story of a young girl, Anyia, whose dream of becoming a Nagoran Warrior is infused with adventure and danger. Running from her duties as a Yora, she dares to break tradition to follow her own dream, during a time when Empress Zarina threatens the magic treaty that protects her village.

Review by: Wayne S. Walker (HOME SCHOOL BOOK REVIEW)

Have you ever had a dream of becoming one thing when everyone expected you to become something else? In the lands of Ethonia, Anyia lives in Nagoran Village, where her father is Chief over several neighboring villages. However, the Empress Zarina wishes to break the treaty and bring war to Ethonia. Anyia wants to become a great warrior like the legendary female warrior Amoonda and bring honor to her village. She even disobeys her father’s orders to stay in the village because she wants to go see Amoonda. However, she is expected to become a Yora like her mother to lead the ladies of the village in the crafts of cooking and cleaning, and she chafes under what she sees as the restrictions of the village. Her father says that her disobedience dishonors him and appoints a youth named Dekka to watch her.

However, Anyia runs off and is captured by some of Zarina’s Thor warriors for Zarina to use as a means of breaking the treaty. Will Anyia escape? And will she ever learn that her first responsibility is to her family and her village?

Author Jacquitta A. McManus says that it was daydreaming which led to the idea of “Labyrinth’s Door” to provide the background for stories in faraway lands where magic was real and anything could happen. Anyia–“Dream of a Warrior” is a fantasy adventure MagBook that is the first installment of Anyia’s journey. It certainly is an exciting tale in which Anyia, and the readers, come to understand some important lessons about the need for showing proper respect in their treatment of others. Yet, Anyia also shows a great deal of spirit and determination. Included in the book are a section on learning to draw Anyia, a maze, and some word puzzles that will appeal to youngsters. I look forward to reading further episodes in the life and times of Anyia.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.

For more information, visit: www.WorldsToDiscover.com

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