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Talee and the Fallen Object

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Published: May 15, 2012

Come and discover a new character in a new world, Talee and the Fallen Object.

Talee and the Fallen Object

By: Jacquitta A. McManus

One early Saturday morning, Talee had nothing to do. So she ate a puffy muffin and decided to read one of her favorite books. Just when she was about to start chapter three of her book, out of the corner of her eye she saw a mail flyer drop something from a bag. It fell through the air and landed on one of the smaller floating landmasses. A bag of treasure, she thought as she looked out the window. But is it a bag of treasure?

Review by: Wayne S. Walker (HOME SCHOOL BOOK REVIEW)

Eight-year-old Talee lives on the planet Gala, which has two moons. She loves to read and write about great adventures, especially treasure hunts. Her favorite colors are purple and yellow, and her favorite food is wild puffy yellow muffins with pink icing, which her mother fixes every weekend. Gala is an amazing planet because the land floats in the air. People get from place to place by Calpas, which are big, friendly, flying animals. Early one Saturday morning, Talee has finished her puffy muffins and is reading one of her favorite Captain Jewel books about a bag of treasure that was hidden in a lost city when she sees a mail flyer go by outside her window and something falls out of the mail flyer’s bag.

The object lands on a small floating landmass and starts to smoke when it hits the ground. Thinking it might be a bag of treasure, Talee takes one of her family’s Calpas to look for it. Will she find it? What will it be? Like McManus’s Labyrinth’s Door: Anyia—“Dream of a Warrior,” Talee and the Fallen Object is a fantasy adventure tale, but for a slightly younger set. In addition to the storybook, there is an accompanying coloring book for youngsters with an artistic bent. It begins with a page, which starts the adventure, and as the child looks at each scene and colors it in, all the scenes together will make up Talee’s story. At the end, there are some pages where the readers can write their own Talee adventure based upon the pictures, which have been colored. Children who like to think about living on or visiting other planets will especially enjoy these books.

Available in Paperback and Kindle.

For more information, visit: www.WorldsToDiscover.com

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