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Alphabet Anatomy by Linda Jones

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Explore the Art of Learning the Letters and their Lives

ALPHABET ANATOMY looks behind the scenes at the letters …

because they’re not always busy making words.

In her debut book, “Meet the Capital Letters,” new author Linda Jones has ingeniously created an innovative personality and activities for each letter by examining the letter’s shape and sound.   Jones’ amusing rhyming verses and illustrations provide a glimpse into the letters’ lives, while vividly instructing on the four interconnected letter components, including how to write the letter, thus its anatomy.  Who knew that letter F is focused on fitness, letter P has a passion for pizza, and letter T builds a totally terrific tree house?! 

Alphabet Anatomy also provides children with many additional benefits associated with rhyming, i.e., developing listening and thinking skills, building vocabulary and developing sound discrimination, learning sentence structure and basic memory skills, and developing phonological and phonemic awareness.  The rhyming verses create a visual of each letter, so that majority of children who are visual learners can better comprehend the letter concepts.  With the national drive to improve early childhood education, and the stringent common core standards recently adopted by virtually all the states, Alphabet Anatomy hopes to serve as an effective learning tool to help set a solid foundation for children to attain the proficient reading skills so critical to a successful future.

In Alphabet Anatomy, the letters love to share their lives, and their highest aspiration is that each child who meets them will embrace this wondrous journey, and develop a life-long love for not only reading but writing as well.

About the Author

Linda Jones

Linda Jones is a mom to four talented sons, ages 16 to 27, and the wife of a handsome firefighter.  She began writing poetry in 1978 and sold several titles commercially in the scrapbooking market.  Alphabet Anatomy is her first series of children’s books.  When asked what inspired her to write “Meet the Capital Letters,” Jones says it was quite by accident.  She wrote the verses ten years ago while helping her youngest son (Branson) practice his letter writing skills, but tucked the verses away in a file cabinet.  She recently discovered them while cleaning out the cabinet and asked Branson (who by then had demonstrated exceptional artistic talent) if he could make some drawings.  Branson brought the letters to life, and Jones brought a mock book to the local library.  The librarian praised the book and told Jones that parents had often asked for an alphabet book instructing on how to write letters but she had not known of any.  Jones was encouraged to move forward with publishing and Alphabet Anatomy was born.  Jones says it has long been her desire to do something to make a positive difference in the world.  If she can accomplish that goal by helping children embrace and master these vital skills, no matter how small a part, she will be most humbled and thrilled beyond comprehension.

Alphabet Anatomy can be purchased on amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and is distributed to the trade by the Ingram Book Company.  For bulk orders, contact Friesen Press at info@friesenpress.com.  Sample pages of letters A through F can be seen with the “look inside” feature on amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Author Contact

Linda Jones at alphabetanatomy@cox.net or 6jranch@cox.net or 480-236-3991

FB link:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alphabet-Anatomy/396110660453360?ref=hl

Twitter link:  https://twitter.com/AlphabetAnatomy

website: alphabetanatomy.com

Non-fiction for children beginning at 6 months through kindergarten

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