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Tennyshoe by Doad Michaels — Dedicated Review

Dedicated Review

By Luisa LaFleur, The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 14, 2012


By Doad Michaels

Reading level: Ages 9 and up

Paperback & eBook: 128 pages

Publisher: Dewberry Press (December 8, 2012)

What to expect: Adventure, Humor, Friendship, Loss

Dennis Shoe is a happy-go-lucky young boy with a great smile and a winning manner. He is enthusiastic so sometimes he speaks fast and when he says his name, it comes out sounding like Tennyshoe. He’s an instantly likeable character and most readers will either identify with him or want to be like him.

Tennyshoe is surrounded by family and friends and has a fun-filled life, both at school and at his parents’ farm. He embarks on a series of adventures that lead him to discover several unexpected things about love, life and the hereafter. And while it may seem like this is a tall order to fill, Tennyshoe does it with a smile.

The writing brings to mind a love of all things rural, such as fresh air, big sky, peaceful towns and calm streets. It takes the reader back to a simpler time, before the avalanche of technology, when children could spend a whole day outdoors as long as they “came home before dark” so their parents wouldn’t worry. Though it seems like it may have been a long, long time ago, parents will still remember those carefree days. And that is the beauty of this book. It resonates with any upbringing—be it in the city or in the country—because it evokes memories that are universal in their depth of emotion.

Tennyshoe is a timeless tale about friendships, love and loss, and growing up. He discovers a lot of things over the course of this book and each reader—especially those ages 9 and older—will likely choose his or her own lesson to take away from it. For this reviewer, it was the enduring lesson that love always finds a way in the end.

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