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“Who Farted?” Actor Neil Crone Ventures into the World of Children’s Books

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Actor Neil Crone, best known for his roles in Disney’s Really Me, the Goosebumps television series and the voice for Diesel 10, Splatter and Gordon the Big Blue Engine in Thomas and the Magic Railroad has ventured into the world of children’s books with Who Farted? Stories in Verse for Big & Little Kids, published by Wintertickle Press.

Illustrated by cartoonist Wes Tyrell, this poetry anthology is fun, funny and sometimes poignant. Much in the style of Shel Silverstein or Dennis Lee, Crone uses whimsical language and pertinent topics that kids of all ages can relate to.

The book is named after the poem, Who Farted? It is a humorous story with a surprise ending:

Who farted? Who farted?

Say who cut the cheese?

Who started the stink that is blowin’ in the breeze?

Who shooted the toot that brought me to my knees?

Can’t somebody tell me, oh please!

Who farted? Who farted?

Man, who dropped a rose?

Who made the nasty that’s now in my nose?

Who owns that backside from whence this arose?

It follows wherever I goes!

Who farted? Who farted?

Whoa! Who sliced the brie?

Who launched the butt missile marked S.B.D.?

Whoever did that, farts professionally!

Hey maybe it could’ve been me?

In contrast, the poem entitled Baloney Butt tackles issues of bullying and accepting others not based on their outward appearance but on the merits of kindness and caring:

I have this friend, Baloney Butt

You might have seen him here.

He’s kinda shy, I’ll tell you why,

On account of the size of his rear.

His bum is big, oh yes indeed

In fact you could call it gigantic.

But his biggest part, is really his heart.

In spite of his rump, he’s romantic.

He’s got caring and kindness on every page;

Yes, Baloney is really a lover.

But folks seldom look inside of the book.

They just cruelly cluck at the cover.

My big-bottomed buddy’s the best pal I have

And I hope that you’ll give him a chance

‘cause only a phony would look at Baloney

and see only the back of his pants.

Tackling issues such as nick names, pets, overdue library books and friendships, this collection of quirky poems is sure to please and pique the interest of most children. Because of the incredible use of humor, even the most reluctant reader will enjoy this book.

Aimed at an audience of 6 – 12 year olds, Who Farted? Stories in verse for big & little kids is a great addition to any children’s book collection. Currently this book is available for $14.95 through amazon in the US, UK and Europe. In Canada, it is available in most Chapters and Indigo stores and online at winterticklepress.com.

Available through amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Who-Farted-Stories-Verse-Little/dp/1894813561

Official Wintertickle press website: www.winterticklepress.com

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Neil Crone & Owen

Neil Crone & Owen

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