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Best Young Adult Books with Celine Garcia

YA Summer Reading: Sizzling Hot

Celine Garcia is a reader who loves YA and has a passion for writing; these two interests merge seamlessly in her weblog I Blog, You Read where she shares her thoughts on the YA books that she reads. We think the list of books she has selected for some YA summer reading are sizzling hot and we hope you agree. Celine would love to hear your thoughts on the books below and invites you to follow her reading journey over at I Blog, You Read.

This is a pretty incredible time to be a reader of the YA genre. There are so many original titles that offer many possibilities to be whisked away by the wide imaginations of today’s authors. I think I have come up with a wide variety of titles to get excited about. Some great sequels to some pretty original series and a couple of stand alone contemporary fiction titles that promise laughter, self-discovery and plenty of summer romance. When I think about these next titles it’s quite hard to contain my geekery. This summer will definitely need a strategic reading schedule.

ADarknessStrangeAndLovelyA Darkness Strange and Lovely

By Susan Dennard 

Susan Dennard’s first book in her series, Something Strange and Deadly, blew me away. The series combines steam punk, historical, romance and Sherlock Holmes worthy mysteries. Oh and did I mention it also has zombies? I am excited about the next book because Eleanor will be taken out of her comfort zone of Philadelphia and whisked to Paris to take on a new adventure that involves The City of Light. Plus she has matters to attain to that involve the guy she loves to hate, Daniel. The last book was so action packed I just know that Susan Dennard will do it again. Her writing had me playing a musical score inside my head while reading. Now that is a writer that can offer audiences an incredible adventure!

Ages 14 and up | Publisher: HarperTeen | July 23, 2013

TheDistanceBetweenUsThe Distance Between Us

By Kasie West

If you haven’t read Kasie West’s debut YA novel Pivot Point then I strongly advise you to do that first. You’ll be able to contemplate why I am so excited to read her contemporary teen fiction novel The Distance Between Us that is not part of the Pivot Point series. First Caymen the female lead works in her mother’s doll shop. I think that is quite adorable and a unique setting for Caymen to meet Xander, the rich boy that I hope turns her world upside down because of her opinion on the higher earning class. This book even has a rocker guy to shake things up. I just need to get my hands on this hot book. It’s like The Outsiders meets Rome and Juliet. Count me in!

Ages 14 and up | Publisher: HarperTeen | July 2, 2013

TheUprisingThe Uprising

By Lisa M. Stasse

I absolutely love the look on people’s faces when I tell them about the first book in this series Forsaken. It is like watching the television show Lost, the movie The Matrix, while reading the Lord of the Flies. They say nothing and literally snatch a copy of Lisa M. Stasse’s book. There are tremendous amount of possibilities for The Uprising that I get the shakes just thinking about it. Alenna is on the edge of starting a revolution against the UNA, the system that placed her in the Wheel, a place where people with rebellious behavior are forsaken. The Uprising will certainly be a thrill ride that will get your heart pumping because if there is one thing that Lisa M. Stasse is capable of it’s putting her characters in the most dangerous and lethal situations. If you don’t know about Forsaken just watch the book trailer, you’ll be caught in its tractor beam.

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers | August 6, 2013

FalseSightFalse Sight

By Dan Krokos

Dan Krokos can pack some serious action into a book. His first book was excellent and had a high level of writing that was like watching an action movie. He’s a master at conspiracy and keeps you guessing while Miranda struggles with whom to trust. Which is why I am excited for False Sight. I will be rocking in my chair, anxious until its August release. Miranda is a clone, designed to be an ultimate weapon. She takes her friendships seriously, so when one of them goes rogue it will cause a divide that will offer a superb conspiracy story. Miranda is a strong hardcore character. I am actually afraid of what she could do to someone because of Dan Krokos’ well-written fighting sequences. The first book was about trust and the header of the False Sight reads, Forget What You Know. I am so in!

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Disney-Hyperion | August 13, 2013

TheBeginningOfEverythingThe Beginning of Everything

By Robyn Schneider

I love this title! I actually watched author Robyn Schneider read the first chapter of The Beginning of Everything on YouTube and was mesmerized by her witty word play ability. Her pure and edgy writing will draw you into the story of Ezra, the lead man on campus who is struck by tragedy that will plunge him into a path of hopeful self-discovery. I am looking forward to her influential characters, the laughing I know I will do and reading about a guy who thinks he knows what he wants. If the characters have just a smidge of Robyn Schneider’s charisma I know I will be in for a miraculous read.

Ages 14 and up | Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books | August 27, 2013

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  • Thank you for this list 🙂 The Beginning of Everything sounds like a great read. I love YA books that are more reality based (no vampires, witches, etc) that remind me of my teenage years in which I was still figuring out who I was as a person. I just read a fantastic YA novel I would love to recommend to you “The Beat on Ruby’s Street” by author Jenna Zark (http://www.jennazark.com). Ruby is a character that is 12 going on 30 and her stubbornness, humor, and braveness makes you empathize and connect with her immediately! Ruby lives in Greenwich Village and dreams of meeting the famous poets of her time (e.g. Jack Kerouac) while writing her own poetry. Instead, she is accused of trying to steal fruit from a local vendor and ends up in a children’s home. The book goes into detail about the “Beat Generation” a fascinating culture that rebels against mainstream society. Ruby’s parents have taught her creative freedom and to fend for herself but her lack of real schooling and structure ultimately lead to her poor choices. Once in the children’s home Ruby has to follow her heart to get back to her parents and to the life she once knew. This was a book I thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you will give it a read!

    June 16, 2013

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