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Best Young Adult Books with Michele Luker of Insane About Books

Michele Luker is insanely obsessed with reading. Thus, her book review blog is adeptly named Insane About Books. Luker reviews mostly Young Adult books from bestselling and independent authors—covering the paranormal and dystopia genres and much, much more. Below, you will discover five of the best “new” and “coming soon” young adult books that are on her fall reading list … we know you’ll be adding these titles to your list, too!

Tumble & FallTumble and Fall

By Alexandra Coutts

This story is about an asteroid getting ready to strike the earth in one week.  Catastrophe is unavoidable, destruction is inevitable.  The story is about three teens and what they decide to do with the time they have left. This story intrigues me as I sit back and wonder myself how I would live my last week on Earth. How would my plans differ from the characters of this book?  Just that thought puts it on my list to read this fall.  I expect these characters to be courageous, yet with fear of the unexpected.

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Macteen Books, Fierce Reads | September 17, 2013

UnbreakableUnbreakable: The Legion Book 1

By Kami Garcia

There is no doubt why this book is on my fall list.  Kami Garcia, co-author of the Beautiful Creatures series has written a solo novel.  When Kennedy finds her mother dead, life as she knows it will change.  A spirit tries to kill her, which then reveals an ancient secret society that her mother belonged to.  Kennedy is now to replace her mother in this society, where she races with other members to find the weapon to destroy the demon.  Paranormal, secret society, suspence…it’s a no brainer on this one.  It reeks with excitement, twists and turns!

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Little Brown | October 1, 2013

The Dream ThievesThe Dream Thieves: The Raven Cycle Book 2

By Maggie Stiefvater

I have not read this series yet, but I am so glad that book two will already be out when I start.  The Raven boys…yeah, I have heard a lot of good stuff about them.  A group of boys, that are as close as brothers, try to discover the dead king hidden in the hills of their school.  Paranormal, secrets, dreams, pulling things out of dreams…all of this has my interest and makes me want to reevaluate my dreams.  Maggie has never disappointed me with her creative mind, so that’s why this series is on my list this fall.

Ages 12 and up | Publisher: Scholastic | September 17, 2013

Inheritance Malinda LoInheritance

By Malinda Lo

Inheritance is the Sequel to Adaptation.   This series has all the sci-fi excitement and I am so happy I discovered this at ALA this year.  Area 51, conspiracies,  Alien DNA, government involvement…wow, it sounds like a sci-fi thriller that I won’t be able to put down.  The whole area 51 conspiracy has always been an interest, so I can’t wait to see the direction this story goes.  Plus, there is a love triangle twisted into the plot that will play a critical roll into choices made.  Reese and David adapted with alien DNA will have an adventure in this story for sure.

Ages 15-17 | Publisher: Little Brown | September 24, 2013


By Amy Christine Parker

Gated is an intense novel about a girl named Lyla Hamilton. Her and her family move to a “community” called Pioneer after 9/11.  They live in an underground compound where the chosen await for the apocalypse.  The community is actually a cult. Lyla is taking a good look from the inside out, and she starts to question the prophet’s motives.  It’s a YA dystopia, one of my all time favorite genres.  The chosen are taught how to fight the unchosen, told who they are “intended” to be with…and all out controlling.  I look forward to discovering the courage Lyla has by defying the Pioneer leader.

Ages 14-17 | Publisher: Random House | August 6, 2013

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