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The Tale of Tango

The Tale of Tango, by Paul E. Hohmann | Dedicated Review

The Tale of TangoThe Tale of Tango

By Paul E. Hohmann; Illustrated by Ivan Earl Aguilar

Paperback: 24 pages

Age Range: 4-8

Publisher: XLIBRIS (February 20, 2014)

ISBN: 978-1493163687

What to expect: Airplanes, Pilots, Overcoming New Challenges

The Tale of Tango is an illustrated story of one little plane’s life journey and his fear of new challenges. Readers first meet Tango as finishing touches are made to him in the factory. During the tale, Tango passes through the hands of many different pilots, each one bringing a different set of skills and flying style, which is quite unnerving for the tentative airplane.

Tango is first sold to a businessman that flies him every weekend to a beach home. Afraid at the prospect of his first flight, Tango quickly realizes how much he enjoys being in the crisp air and soaring over snowcapped mountains, big lakes and sandy beaches, and he finds comfort in always flying the same route. After sometime, Tango is put up for sale where another pilot, a novice pilot with many checklists and much learning to do, purchases him. And when that pilot becomes ready for a newer plane, Tango is sold to a pilot who flies more rigidly and is mastering precision flying—a pilot that soon becomes a commercial pilot and sells Tango once again. The next pilot to purchase Tango is a stunt pilot and his maneuvers are scary. With each purchase and new pilot, Tango is afraid of the changes, but with each new pilot he is challenged and rises to the occasion and finds that he really enjoys learning new things.

The Tale of Tango Illustration

“The Tale of Tango” illustration copyright ©, 2014, Ivan Earl Aguilar

Paul E. Hohmann propels the tale with clear and concise storytelling—he also receives extra mileage points for making one of the pilots a female. Tango’s ability to reflect and appreciate the skills learned from each new step in his life journey leads readers through a transformative story of accepting change of direction.

Budding aviators will enjoy reading about the many different ways pilots can choose to fly a plane. Apprehensive children (and adults) will benefit from Tango’s message: If you’re willing to spread your wings and soar, you’ll come out the other side strong, proud and happy.

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About the Author
Paul E. Hohmann

Paul E. Hohmann

Paul is a graduate from Clemson University in South Carolina with a Bachelors Degree of Science in Mechanical Engineering. He has gone on to acquire his Professional Engineering License. He is currently employed as a Mechanical Engineer / Designer in the commercial and industrial fields. He is an inventor, holding a registered patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He is a pilot of general aviation aircraft and a fitness enthusiast. In his free time he can be found in his hometown of Greenville, SC. ‘Tale of Tango’ is Paul’s first published book.

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