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Escape From Mr. Lemoncillo's Library

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, by Chris Grabenstein | Book Review

Gi Hallmark | The Children’s Book Review | October 29, 2014

Escape From Mr. Lemoncillo's LibraryEscape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

By Chris Grabenstein

Hardcover: 304 pages

Age Range: 8 to 12

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers (June 2013)

ISBN: 978-0-375-87089-7

What to expect: Suspense, Games, Mystery, Interactive Puzzles, Libraries, Librarians, Humor

In Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library, author Chris Grabenstein cleverly captures reader’s imaginations by combining the suspense of a thrilling game with the majestic nostalgia of great libraries, librarians, books and authors of past and present.  Through quirky and memorable characters, a futuristic library, clever challenges, and humorous banter, Grabenstein brilliantly engages and entertains readers from beginning to end, a unique skill reserved for the best storytellers.

Twelve year old Kyle Keely is a class clown with a penchant for games of any kind, and especially those made by the famous, wealthy, and eccentric game maker, Luigi Lemoncello. Kyle’s knowledge of games and competitive spirit come in handy when Mr. Lemoncello, the generous benefactor behind the restoration of the town’s old bank building into a library, hosts a preview gala and overnight lock in at the new library for a dozen children. At the conclusion of the celebratory lock in, the children are given a surprise opportunity to win a fabulous prize if they stay another night and solve a series of puzzles to find the library’s secret escape route. The solutions to the puzzles not only require knowledge of the library and the Dewey Decimal system, but teamwork, integrity, quick thinking, and sometimes, luck as well.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is fast paced and also interactive, as readers are able to join the fun by solving puzzles and answering riddles along the way. As the chapters progress, readers will become increasingly appreciative of Grabenstein’s creativity and though at times the puzzles may seem complex, Grabenstein satisfies curiosity by utilizing  the characters to effectively and clearly narrate solutions. Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library is highly entertaining, appeals to both boys and girls, and perhaps best of all, casts a coolness on libraries, books, and the power of knowledge.

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About Chris Grabenstein

Chris Grabenstein is an award-winning author of books for children and adults, a playwright, screenwriter, and former advertising executive and improvisational comedian. Winner of two Anthony and three Agatha Awards, he is also the co-author with James Patterson of The New York Times bestseller I FUNNY.

A former writer for Jim Henson’s Muppets and past president of the New York Chapter of the Mystery Writers of America, Chris co-wrote the screenplay for the CBS-TV movie, The Christmas Gift, starring John Denver.

He lives in New York City with his wife, three cats, and a rescue dog named Fred, who starred in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on Broadway. You can visit Chris (and Fred) at www.ChrisGrabenstein.com

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