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Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles by Carole P Roman

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story, by Carole P. Roman | Dedicated Review

The Children’s Book Review | February 12, 2014

Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles by Carole P RomanFribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story

By Carole P. Roman

Age Range: 3-7

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (January 7, 2015)

ISBN: 978-1499145977

What to expect: Pirates, Frogs, Emotions, Problem-Solving, Friendship, Siblings, New Baby, Adventure, Imagination

This is Carole P. Roman at her best! Through imaginative play and some problem solving, Captain No Beard and his crew help one of the members adjust into the role of being an older sibling.

When the youngest crewmember, Cayla, spills a bucket of dirty water on deck, Captain No Beard calls upon Fribbet to report for cleanup, but Fribbet is nowhere to be found. Crewmember Polly Parrot finds him huddled at the stern feeling upset. Thank goodness for good friends who are always there to listen and support and help. Polly Parrot says, “We are your friends; you can tell us everything.” And Captain No Beard chimes in with wise words: “Problems can weigh you down like a heavy anchor. When you share your load with others, it’s never too heavy to carry.” Supported by his friends, Fribbet opens up about his concerns of the changes that have occurred around his home when eggs hatched and tadpoles seemingly took over his surroundings.

Roman has penned an excellent and completely relatable “new baby” tale where readers learn that everyone has fears and talking about them with friends can really help—and the added bonus of the tadpole life cycle will appeal to young scientists and naturalists. The geniusness behind this story is Roman’s underlying message and reassurance that is surreptitiously role modeled through the characters and especially by Captain No Beard toward his sister Cayla. The humor of the mess that follows Cayla throughout the book weaves in pitch perfect humor and is an added bonus.

Ultimately, being an older sibling can be challenging but Roman shows that the reward of a permanent companion is priceless. The introduction of the new character, Zachary, in Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles is a brilliant addition to the Captain No Beard series and Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Story should be readily welcomed into the personal libraries of all expectant families with soon-to-be or new siblings.

Add this book to your collection: Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles: A Captain No Beard Storyby Carole P. Roman

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About the Author
Carole P. Roman

Carole P. Roman

Award winning author Carole P. Roman has added Fribbet the Frog and the Tadpoles based on changes in her own family. The happy grandmother is delighted with her growing brood. She lives on Long Island with her husband and very near her children and grandchildren- the inspiration for her books.

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