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Alex and the Messy Monster Cover

Alex and the Messy Monster, by Vanessa Newman | Press Release


Vanessa Newman | Alex and the Messy Monster CoverLife is messy, right? How do children learn to clean up their physical and emotional messes in a healthy way. Alex and the Messy Monster is the first story published in a series of children’s books that addresses the current needs of our children in today’s complex world. The book features Alex, a five-year old boy, who does not think that messes amount to anything. Yet, not only is his bedroom a mess, he is creating something much larger that he will have to deal with….a monster. The Messy Monster, to be exact. Alex must meet, negotiate, and tame the monster of his own creation to have peace and happiness in his life. Alex tackles this monster on his own without the assistance of anyone else and he succeeds in becoming a responsible boy rather than an obedient one.

Vanessa Newman is a teacher and writer who lives in Ashland, Oregon with her son. She is a single mom who has struggled with how to raise a young boy who is responsible and accountable for his every day actions. Her son, Alex, is the inspiration for a series of children’s books and provided lots of input on book design and illustrations. Vanessa enlisted the help of a family friend, Sarah Masse, as illustrator and her artist parents, Richard and Rochelle Newman, for book design. This is a familty project that has produced an amazing, colorful, engaging children’s story with lessons on dealing with messes and anger even within her own family.

If you want a fun read that offers entertainment for both adults and children, Alex and the Messy Monster is a story that will keep you coming back for more. The illustrations offer young children a chance to keep finding new images and the message of the book will carry on long after a single reading. You can purchase the book in e-book format or softcover at Blurb.com or directly from the author by sending an e-mail to: workerbee959@msn.com.

For more information about additional books in the series or other writings, please call Vanessa Newman at 541-414-7593 or send an inquiry to: Vanessa Newman at 2305 Ashland St Ste C PMB 443 Ashland, OR 97520.

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