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The Mystery of the Golden Christmas Trees, by Carolyn Snelling | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Carolyn Snelling
The Children’s Book Review | September 3, 2015

the-mystery-of-the-golden-christmas-treesThe Mystery of the Golden Christmas Trees

Written by Carolyn Snelling

Age Range: 11+

Paperback: 96 pages

Publisher: Heart of the Cross Publishing

ISBN: 978-1628549034

E-Book: 978-0981622736

What to expect: Religious themes and teachings, Vivid storytelling, Adventure

The Mystery of the Golden Christmas Trees is a sharply written and compelling tale that places religious themes in an inviting, contemporary setting. Christine Loving, a well off “nearly fifteen” year old girl, is the main character. The charming story centers on a curious inscription that Christine finds in her Teen Bible: “Congratulations Christine! You’ve now solved the mystery of the golden Christmas Trees.” Christine enlists the help of friends, loved ones, and neighbors as she searches for the meaning of the inscription. The reader is drawn in as the mystery unfolds.

The author, Carolyn Snelling, is particularly adept at moving her story forward at a fast, page-turning pace, and she shows great skill and talent in describing the settings of the town. The detailed descriptions render each scene both realistic and engaging, as does the dialogue she employs with shopkeepers, parents, police officers, and a whole host of fully formed characters. The writing makes the mystery itself more compelling, and the reader is drawn along with Christine as she follows the mystery through her hometown.

In an interesting and creative twist, the book—and Christine’s search—is organized around The Ten Commandments. Each chapter takes up a specific commandment, and it is to the author’s credit that this organizing device never feels forced but, in fact, becomes a part of the natural unfolding of the story. The book teaches without lecturing, and it educates without ever giving way to simple platitudes. Instead, the teachings of the Ten Commandments are illustrated by believable characters and settings, and in this way the reader participates in their telling. As the mystery draws to its conclusion, the reader—especially the young adult reader—will be poised on the edge of his or her seat, having absorbed profound teachings as an integral part of a compelling mystery.

The Mystery of the Golden Christmas Trees is a rare achievement in religiously themed books. It offers profound teachings that are made all the more impactful by an excellent tale and writing that is thoughtful and artistic. A singular work that will delight readers at any time of the year!

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About the Author

Carolyn and her husband Bob, own Heart of the Cross Publishing. God has sent her the following stories; Christ’s Cake, The Mystery of The Christmas Stars, The Mystery of the Golden Christmas Trees and a new series to be released in Jan. 2016 – “Lolli and Pop Find the Fruits of the Spirit“.

Previous books from Carolyn speak to her testimony – the God Our Loving Father (GOLF Book series).

She enjoys volunteering at her home church – www.radiantchurch.com.

Follow Carolyn at FB at Heart of the Cross.

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