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Nuggies Scary Pumpkin

A Very Scary Pumpkin: Nuggies: Book 3, by Jeff Minich | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Jeff Minich
The Children’s Book Review | October 19, 2015

A Very Scary Pumpkin Nuggies 3A Very Scary Pumpkin

Written by Jeff Minich

Illustrated by Renan Garcia

Age Range: 2 years and up

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Nuggies Inc

ISBN: 978-0986222498

What to expect: Halloween, Friendship, Animals, Suspense, Valuable Lessons

Volume three in the wonderful Nuggies series, A Very Scary Pumpkin, finds Chomper and Coco—the dogs known as the Nuggies—moving into a new home.

Nuggies Scary Pumpkin

When they first arrive, the home seems scary because it is old and has ivy growing up the walls. The Nuggies are scared their paws will be ensnared by the ivy and not only that, the house is “dusty and dark inside, with lots of places for creatures to hide.” As Chomper and Coco explore the house, moving up its creaky stairs, it becomes obvious that there really is reason to be afraid—a ghost is following them! It seems as though this ghost does not want the new residents in the house, and so the ghost—the very scary pumpkin of the title—tries to scare them away, locking Chomper and Coco in the basement. They try to escape but cannot, and the very scary pumpkin is satisfied that the new residents are out of the way.


Eventually, their Daddy arrives to set them free, but this just spurs the ghost on. When the Nuggies fall asleep that night, the ghost decides to give them an even bigger scare, appearing before them in a white sheet. “This is my house and you all must leave,” the ghost declares. The Nuggies are frightened, but then a flash of lightning lets them see under the sheet—and there is an unexpected silhouette beneath the sheet! The Nuggies convince the “ghost” that they should all be friends, since they will have to learn to live together and it is better to be friends than to try to frighten one another away.

Nuggies Scary Pumpkin

A Very Scary Pumpkin offers an excellent Halloween story that children will absolutely love. The illustrations by Renan Garcia colorfully and vividly underscore the excitement of Jeff Minich’s able writing. The tale touchingly relays the importance of making new friends in new places. The story also provides a great lesson in getting along with one another, as the “ghost” and dogs learn to value one another. An excellent addition to any collection of books, and an especially brilliant find for the Halloween season, the latest Nuggies adventure is certain to delight both kids and parents. It’s frightfully good!

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About the Author

Jeff Minich is a writer, technologist, and life-long dog lover. Jeff is passionate about introducing children to the joy of reading. His Nuggies illustrated children’s book series is based on life-lessons as learned through the experience of some of his favorite canine friends. Jeff currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his two favorite Nuggies.

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