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Land of Or by Katie Mullaly

Land of Or, by Katie Mullaly | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Katie Mullaly
The Children’s Book Review | October 11, 2015

Land of Or by Katie MullalyLand of Or

Written by Katie Mullaly

Illustrated by Toby Allen

Age Range: 5 and up

Hardback Book: 36 pages

Publisher: Faceted Press

ISBN: 978-0-9860997-0-0

What to expect: Decision making skills, illustrations, rhyming

Making a good decision is hard, but, in the Land of OR, one can embark on a journey to find the right choice. Led by the Guide, children follow mythical creatures rendered in beautiful, southwest-style illustrations. The scenery resembles canyons and the desert, and the creatures are vibrant shades of blue, turquoise, pink and purple. Children will be instantly drawn to the colorful characters and the snappy, rhyming story.


Children begin with the Guide who has them gather their Options, curious little creatures who represent the answer to the questions we are asking. The obvious ones—sneaky guys who stand big and tall—aren’t always the best option. Tiny other Options flit into the illustrations, ready to join the party. Next, head to the canyon for decision-making time before being headed off by the Yabbut. As his name implies, the great and mysterious Yabbut whispers in children’s ears and says that there is always an excuse to not journey through the canyon to find a good decision. Adults will chuckle at the name and nod along, since we are all familiar with the sneaking, clever Yabbut.


After a long course through the Canyon of WHY and crossing the stream of IF THEN, we enter the Gully of Others, where final options are selected and decisions can then easily be made.


The cute storyline will keep the attention of grade-school readers. The clever directions spelled out throughout about this important life skill will make it a valuable teaching tool for parents. And it’s so much easier to talk about big decisions when following such adorable little characters. The illustrations are especially charming, bringing the wide-open desert and canyons to life. A very unique and enjoyable read for the whole family, and a valuable reminder to all of us to make good decisions and avoid the dreaded Yabbut.

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For more information, visit: LandOfChildrensbooks.com. Be sure to check out the Travel Guide provided for parents to talk about the journey with their young readers; and be sure to get to know the characters in this Character Guide.

About the Author

As a lover of rhyme, rhythm and reason, Katie continues to share with others her passion for teaching, creating greater awareness and living a conscious life through these children’s books. Discover more about Katie at her website Faceted Works.

About the Illustrator

Toby’s whole life has been about drawing. With a zest for the fantastic and an ability to create worlds no one has ever seen, he brings a new life to children’s books. Find out more about Toby at his website, Zesty Does Things.

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