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Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Books

Books with Bundles: Holiday Gift Giving

The Children’s Book Review | November 28, 2015

Holiday Gift Guide: Kids Books

A Gift Book Round-Up

Five Reasons Books Make the Best Gifts

  1. They are easy to wrap.
  2. They don’t require batteries.
  3. They do not require any assembly.
  4. They do not make loud obnoxious sounds.
  5. And no pricey airfares are needed to travel to far off places.

A carefully selected book makes a powerful gift. It sends the message: “I know who you are and I care about you.” And when you have the right book it can be a stage setter for the ultimate gift package by bundling additional presents that fit into the theme of the book. Here are some of my favorite books and gift giving themes:

To Bond at Bedtime

Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story By Mariam GatesGood Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story

Written by Mariam Gates

Illustrated by Sara Jane Hinder

This is a picture book for younger kids. It’s both a bedtime story and a series of poses that, when combined, allow for a calming, mindful, bonding moment that leaves everyone rested and ready for sleep.

Bundle this book with:

Ages 3-8 | Publisher: Sounds True | 2015 | ISBN-13:  978-1622034666

To Inspire Young Naturalists

Nature Anatomy- The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural WorldNature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World

Written by Julia Rothman

Well-known illustrator Julia Rothman has put together a gorgeous picture book (coffee table worthy for hipster parents) filled with curiosities from the natural world. Each page covers a specific topic; such as what makes sunsets, monarch butterfly migration, the parts of a bird, and the ecosystem of a rotting log. For any inquisitive reader that has ever stepped foot outdoors.

Bundle this book with:

All Ages | Publisher: Storey Publishing, LLC | 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-1612122311

To Kindle  Creativity

Lost Ocean by Johanna BasfordLost Ocean: An Inky Adventure and Coloring Book

Created by Johanna Basford

Coloring in for all ages is hot right now! Not only is it a fun way to get creative with color, it’s meditative and stress relieving. Bestselling coloring book creator Johanna Basford delivers an enchanting book that allows the beholder to delve deep into the ocean. Each page has pen and ink illustrations of exotic sea life, shipwrecks and coral reefs.

Bundle this book with:

Ages 5-101 | Publisher: Penguin Books | 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-0143108993

To Encourage Kids to Chase Their Dreams

What Do You Do With an Idea? By Kobi YamadaWhat Do You Get with An Idea?

Written by Kobi Yamada

Illustrated by Mae Besom

This is an all ages picture book that is both motivational and inspiring. A young boy has an idea; this idea is represented as a golden egg. Unsure what to do with this idea he tries to push it aside, but like all good ideas the egg refuses to go away. When the boy decides to give energy to the egg, wonderful things happen. The message: It is possible to change the world with an idea.

Bundle this book with:

  • The sky is the limit with this book! Pair it with any gift that matches any idea the recipient has ever had…
  • A journal
  • Pencils
  • An idea reminder: Big Idea Plush

All Ages | Publisher: Compendium | 2015 | ISBN-13: 9978-1-938298-07-3

To Believe in Magic Again

Circus Mirandus By Cassie BeasleyCircus Mirandus 

Written by Cassie Beasley

When his dying grandfather, Ephraim, describes a magical circus where wishes are granted, Micah Tuttle and his friend Jenny Mendoza set out to find the fabled Circus Mirandus—and The Man Who Bends Light, a magician powerful enough to save Micah’s grandfather. Fans of Roald Dahl’s stories will love this book. It’s fantastical yet also explores deeper themes of love, loss and friendship.

Bundle this book with:

Ages 9-12 | Publisher: Dial Books | 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-0525428435

To Give Teens Their Next Obsession

Six of Crows by Leigh BardugoSix of Crows

Written by Leigh Bardugo

It follows 17-year-old criminal prod- igy Kaz Brekker and his band of six complex outcasts as they plot to in ltrate an impenetrable prison and pull off a world- changing heist. “Six dangerous outcasts. One impossible heist. Kaz’s crew is the only thing that might stand between the world and destruction.” Teens won’t be able to put down this fast-paced fantasy filled with magic, monsters, love, a spy, and action-packed adventure.

Bundle this book with:

Ages 12-18 | Publisher: Henry Holt and Co. | Sept. 29, 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-1627792127

This list of “Books with Bundles: Holiday Gift Giving” was curated by Bianca Schulze—an abbreviated version of this book list first appeared in Woman’s World Magazine in November 2015. Discover more articles on The Children’s Book Review tagged with , and 

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