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Terragaineous, by A.O. Comerford | Dedicated Review

The Children’s Book Review | November 14, 2014


Written by A.O. Comerford

Hardback Book: 231 pages

Age Range: 12 and up

Publisher: Troubador Publishing, LTD (2015)

ISBN: 978 1784625 122

What to expect: Friendship, adventure, fantasy, magic

Callum is a great young man with steadfast friends but his life is thrown into chaos following his mother’s devastating suicide and his own near-death experience. He’s shocked to find that a guardian angel of sorts has been watching over him. Ranlyn, a dwarfed magical being with strange grey eyes and an even stranger story, has saved him. It turns out that Ranlyn has been watching over him for a long time but Ranlyn has his own secrets. He’s from an intriguing underground kingdom named Terragaineous. Due to unfortunate circumstances, Ranlyn has been destined to live apart from his brethren and forage a meager existence on the surface of the Earth, away from everything and everyone he loves.

Callum is fascinated by the magical Ranlyn and his sad story, and he tells his plucky friends. Together they decide to help Ranlyn return to Terragaineous. The problem? They’ll need to shrink down to an impossible size, navigate a dangerous and unknown underground world and find the secret spell that will return Ranlyn to his original size.

But is Ranlyn telling the truth? What part does Callum’s dead mother play in all of this? Callum and his friends are inadvertently thrown into a powerful, magical coup that might change Terragaineous, and possibly the entire Earth, forever.

A.O. Comerford creates a thrilling world that will appeal to readers that enjoyed PERCY JACKSON AND THE OLYMPIANS and THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA.

Although at times the plot may feel a bit convoluted and the dialogue somewhat forced, the story is full of complex plot points that lead to adventure and compelling developments. The tale highlights the importance of friendship and heroism, and the journey to Terragaineous gives us a glimpse into a foreign and interesting world that will delight young readers. The plot twists keep readers going until the surprising end. The idea of Terragaineous is truly original and will make kids believe in the little beings living right underneath the forest floor.

Recommended for middle grade readers, ages twelve and up.

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About the Author

A. O. ComerfordA.O. Comerford was born into a farming family of eleven in 1968 rural Ireland. He immigrated to London at the age of nineteen and has been travelling ever since. After working in Europe, Asia and the Middle East he is now settled on the Isle of Man and exploring his passion for writing in his free time. His two wonderful kids have inspired his passion for storytelling and are both his motivators and his harshest critiques.

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