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The Chameleon Shop

The Chameleon Shop, by Teresa Schulz

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Article provided by Teresa Schulz
The Children’s Book Review | November 25, 2015

The Chameleon ShopWho can resist a mysterious old English bookshop? The scent of them and the mysteries they hold.

Kaylee Browne couldn’t.

A lonely twelve-year-old girl, dealing with the recent loss of her father, and even more recent addition of her mother’s new boyfriend, meant Kaylee was feeling lost, lonely and confused.

A strange piece of paper fluttered down to her from the tree tops, inviting her to the mysterious new bookshop in town. It was just the distraction she needed.

Nestled within a book in this shop, Kaylee discovered a strange old iron key. A magic key that transports her to the faraway lands of The Five Realms, where she begins a quest to find the maker of the key so she can learn how to get back home to her mother … then to her surprise, a completely new quest to save someone very dear to her.

Along the way she has humorous, sometimes frightening, encounters with fairies, giant cats, flying horses, a castle, a witch and many other magical creatures including a dragon.

The shop is called the Chameleon Shop for a good reason … would you care to find out?


Hi, I’m Teresa Schulz. I’d like to share a little bit of my background so you know what drove me to write this particular story. Firstly, I am a mother, (several times over), so I am pretty familiar with children and what stories get them excited.

Secondly, I am basically just a big kid myself. I have loved reading books like Harry Potter and Inkheart, The Never-ending Story and especially The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. I can’t resist the magic, adventure, the thrill of possible danger and the glory of surviving it.

Growing older has not made me appreciate fantasy stories and the wonders of magic, any less. Instead, I believe it has put me in the perfect position to create some stories of my own, to fill the gaps and sorrow left in my life when there were no more Harry Potter books to read, and I had read every single wonderful child’s book I could lay my hands on.

This book is rather unique in that it covers a family situation which is not so traditional, but sadly more common for a lot of children these days. The story also has several (hopefully subtle and well disguised) positive messages for children about the environment, wild life, and even who to trust and the internet.

The bottom line is I wrote this book (the first of three in the series) to help tide me over until the next brilliant story emerges. Who knows? It may well be mine. Now wouldn’t that be nice?

The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com on this link https://amzn.to/1GqMX07

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