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Join A Pair Of Flying, Talking Superhero Horses On Their Wacky Adventures!

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Article provided by Ellie Firestone
The Children’s Book Review | January 23, 2016

“Introducing Super Sporty” teaches kids an important lesson about teamwork, while giving them bucketloads of fun in the process.

IntroducingSuperSportyCoverWriting a book that combines horses, superheroes, aliens and sports sounds like a bit of a tall order. However, Ellie Firestone has done just that, with her Super Sporty series. The first installment, Introducing Super Sporty, has recently been released in paperback.

Firestone first started writing Introducing Super Sporty when she was only seven years old, using a pen and several stapled-together sheets of paper to create her own “book”. Despite extensive edits, much of her original story remains, ensuring that the finished product truly encapsulates the wonder, zaniness, and utter delight of a young child’s imagination.

The story follows the adventures of Sporty and Harley, two superhero horses who play basketball for Horsecitty’s professional team, the Texas Shorthorns. Being superheroes, it is their job to protect the world from evil aliens who might want to take it over; aliens such as Blarg and Splatt, a pair of dastardly villains from the planet Flupia. These extraterrestrials have come up with an evil plan to steal the Key to the Universe, and it’s up to Sporty and Harley to stop them before it is too late ….

Not only is Introducing Super Sporty entertaining for children, but it also teaches them an important lesson about working together to achieve success.

A reviewer for Readers’ Favorite said: “It’s definitely a story that children will enjoy reading, especially if they like adventure, action and superheroes. The illustrations are colorful and they complement the plot and characters very well. The book is good for bedtime story telling and read-aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. The Horsecitty gang is adorable and will enthrall children with their adventures. The underlying message of teamwork is excellent for readers and they can apply it in their lives too. Books with a moral and message are good for children to read as it helps them understand the concept in a better way.” (Mamta Madhavan)

Ellie Firestone currently lives in the beautiful rolling hills of the English Cotswolds. She loves horses, swimming, and reading. When she’s not at the stables, in the pool, or curled up on the sofa with a good book, she’s sitting in front of her computer, tapping away at another crazy adventure. You can keep up with her latest project, play some great Super Sporty-themed games, or just drop her a message by heading to her website at www.elliefirestone.com.

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