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My Adventures in Sillyville by Richard Klein

My Adventures in Sillyville, by Richard Klein | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Richard Klein
The Children’s Book Review | January 29, 2016

My Adventures in Sillyville by Richard KleinMy Adventures in Sillyville

Written by Richard Klein

Illustrated by Mike Motz

Age Range: 3-7

Paperback: 26 pages

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2015)

ISBN: 978-1512201208

What to expect: Imagination, Magic, Rhyme

My Adventures in Sillyville is a zippy tale written in rhyme about a young boy’s daydream. Reminiscent of Dr. Seuss’s Wacky Wednesday, many things are topsy-turvy in Sillyville.

“There are pigs taking baths

And dogs that go “Moo!”

Animals living in houses,

While people live in the zoo.”

My Adventures in Sillyville

Beginning with a lovely dedication to his three children (“I need only walk into their room to enter Sillyville.), Richard Klein sets the stage for this highly imaginative tale inspired by his children. The dedication also indicates that he is in touch with his intended audience of younger children, ages three to seven.

Richard Klein provides a great cadence with his rhyming text that lends itself well to being read aloud and keeps the energy level high. Every kid enjoys being silly and this is a book that embodies silliness at it’s most innocent and enjoyable best.

My Adventures in Sillyville

Using a cartoon style, the pages are brightly illustrated by Mike Motz. Each page is filled with a multitude of zany things to look at. After reading the text, kids will enjoy scouring the pages to find all of the fun visuals that match the words. For example: fish out of water and trees in the sky.

This book will appeal to both independent readers and those that prefer being read to. It is sure to humor any type of reader.

My Adventures in Sillyville

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About the Author
Richard Klein has been writing rhyming stories for as long as he can remember. As a web developer, his love for logic and words transforms into websites. Although enjoying a successful career in technology, the birth of his three children reinvigorated his passion for writing and storytelling and started him on a quest to create a new bedtime story every night. His quest yielded dozens of manuscripts, including: My Adventures in Sillyville. The book is a reminder to everyone, especially his children, that you are never too old to follow your dreams.
When not on a computer, Richard enjoys teaching computer programming, writing, and playing basketball. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife of 15 years and three children. He hopes that My Adventures in Sillyville is a reminder for all children to always find the time to be silly.

For more information, visit: SillyVille.net

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  • I am a first time would-be published author and am writing a children’s book, also in rhyme, so I have been looking at similar books on line.

    I was told that it was imperative to make sure every line had proper rhythm and meter, and I see that you did not follow that form.

    Has this parameter changed?

    Is your book self-published?


    February 8, 2016
    • Thank you for your questions. Since the story in My Adventures in Sillyville is built around the imagery, I was ok with breaking the meter in places in exchange for more detail. My goal was to entice readers to match the words with the illustrations–requiring descriptive words that tended to slightly alter the meter.

      This is a self-published book (my first as well), so I’m not sure if a publisher would be ok. I had a few editors review the draft and they felt it was fine.

      Best of luck on your first book.

      February 9, 2016

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