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Survivial Secrets of Turkey Vultures

Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures | Press Release

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Article provided by Debra Toor
The Children’s Book Review | February 22, 2016

Media Release

Title: Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures Published by Guardian Angel Publishers on Dec. 2014

Readers: For ages 9 to 11; Can be enjoyed by all ages

Themes: Eco-literacy, Animal Adaptations, Ecosystem Science


  1. Book Trailer
  2. Science: Story is based on peer-reviewed scientific studies by North American biologists
  3. Photographs: North American nature photographers have provided visual documentation of vultures.
  4. Back matter has explanations and activities to reinforce scientific concepts
  5. Free teaching tools that supplement the book are available at the author’s website: ecostoriesbydebtoor.com
  • Teacher’s Guide (meets Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards)
  • Adaptation Adventure Creative Writing activity
  • Visual Glossary and Interactive Notebook

Survivial Secrets of Turkey VulturesSurvival Secrets of Turkey Vultures

What makes vultures unique? What two weird defense tricks do turkey vultures use to freak out their predators? A turkey vulture sounds like … an industrial vacuum.

Readers of the book Survival Secrets of Turkey Vultures will explore these and other adaptations as they join mother turkey vulture on a hunt to feed her chicks. The turkey vulture lacks swift aerial moves, talons that stab, jaws that crush. It can’t even defend itself against attackers, kill its prey, or hunt without thermals. Yet there are many things this vulture can do.

To engage readers, author Debra Toor has combined storytelling techniques with scientific facts and captivating photographs. Back matter includes fun activities to reinforce scientific concepts. A free Teacher’s Guide (Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards aligned) is available on the author’s website.

Why should kids learn about vultures? As future decision makers, kids need to learn about vultures and their vital ecosystem services. The recent Asian vulture crisis (which saw 3 species of Gyps vultures collapse by nearly 96% over a 10-year period during the late 1990s) has provided scientific evidence that vultures provide the essential ecosystem services of purifying ecosystems and preventing the spread of diseases. (Source for statistic: Another Continental Vulture Crisis: Africa’s Vultures Collapsing toward Extinction.)

Debra promotes eco-literacy (knowledge, critical thinking skills, and action for a sustainable future) by creating stories that connect kids to nature locally and globally. Stories combine peer-reviewed science, compelling photographs and other visuals, fun activities and citizen science projects. She is currently working on a series that will take kids on an adventure in Africa to explore the work of vulture scientists as they race to protect Africa’s endangered vulture species.

Debra lives in Burlington, Ontario with her family. She has over ten years of experience in environmental communications and has collaborated with experts to create environmental guides and projects for schools and communities.


“This is a terrific book if you are a teacher looking for information on a unit about animals. Such a nice change from the usual dolphins, pandas and kittens fare. Kids will be fascinated about this mother vulture’s attempts to care for her young as she must wait for food “to happen”. It also helps students to see this creature as a productive member of the animal kingdom and thus reduce the “ick” factor. A welcome bonus is that the book comes with educational dittos and study guide which will save a busy educator time and effort. You will be able to use the book immediately instead of having to create accompanying worksheets.”   – Terry Cook, Teacher, Florida

Contact: DEBRA TOOR, author | www.ecostoriesbydebtoor.com

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