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The Trouble with the Cavapoos

The Trouble with Cavapoos, by Stella Dutton | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Quimby & Sneet Publications, Inc.
The Children’s Book Review | February 21, 2016

The Trouble with the CavapoosThe Trouble with Cavapoos

Written by Stella Dutton

Age Range: 4+

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Quimby and Sneet Publications (2015)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9790832-4-2

What to expect: Dogs, Mischievous activity

Stella Dutton has composed a rhyming tale about the trials and tribulations of living with Cavapoos. These lovable scamps are a mix between Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and Poodles and are generally gentle and very smart.

The Trouble with Cavapoos lays out, in whimsical detail, the playful way that Cavapoos can misbehave. From the moment these loveable pets leave the pet store, their owners are often met with all sorts of adorable naughtiness.

“They are cute and cuddly but beware!

There is mischief underneath all that hair!”

Despite the troubles and the messes, the intrepid Cavapoo owner wouldn’t have it any other way. He realizes that life without them was “no fun at all!” So he lays out the rules for his adored pets and finds a happy medium. Because Cavapoos are so intelligent, they quickly understand their owner’s instructions and agree to the rules. The story ends on a happy note and the colorful illustrations complement the frivolity and chaos that surrounds these delightful dogs.

The Trouble with the Cavapoos IMage 1

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The Trouble with Cavapoos is a story for young readers that enjoy silly adventures and over-the-top situations. The rhyming structure makes for a fun read-aloud story, though it may dissuade someone who was considering a Cavapoo from actually acquiring one!

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About Stella Dutton
Stella Dutton

Stella Dutton

Stella Dutton is a delightful children’s author with a special purpose to inspire kids to enjoy reading whimsical stories. She is an expert in her field of creating characters that are loved by kids of all ages! Stella’s new titles include The Trouble With Cavapoos, Tex The Mockingbird, and Whimsey’s Masterpiece, just to name a few.

Stella credits her creativity to her parents and credits her inspiration to her children. Her father was a WWII Veteran and her mother grew up in 1930’s Depression Era Oklahoma. Her father always made up funny, wonderful stories and characters. She now carries on his legacy by creating her own whimsical and fun stories. Stella’s inspiration is her children. Her daughter was born with special needs and the doctors told her that her daughter could never learn past age two. Stella started creating characters and stories to capture her daughter’s attention. Stella was astounded when her stories not only held her young daughter’s attention, but also helped her learn to speak. Stella writes in honor of her father’s memory and also to encourage all children to never give up. Her interest is to inspire children to read and write for fun.

Stella resides in Oklahoma with her wonderful husband, two awesome children, two rowdy Cavapoos, and three whimsical cats. To contact Stella or schedule a fun and educational school visit, you may email her publisher at quimbysneet AT gmail DOT com

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