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The Boy on the Page

The Boy on the Page, by Peter Carnavas | Book Review

The Children’s Book Review | May 24, 2016

The Boy on the PageThe Boy on the Page

Written and Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

Age Range: All Ages

Hardback Book: 32 pages

Publisher: Kane Miller EDC Publishing (2014)

ISBN: 978-1-61067-245-0

What to expect: Life lessons, family, philosophy

Why was the boy here, on the page? In fact, why are we all here at all?

One day a boy appeared on the page, falling practically out of nowhere. At first, it was only him. Then, slowly, things took shape around him. First grass and trees, then animals, people and whole cities. Then the boy asked – why am I here? He started doing things, from planting trees, to playing instruments, painting, climbing mountains and standing in the pouring rain. The boy did it all. Then he fell in love, and things changed again. With a new baby, he saw the world through new eyes. He built a new home, helped the poor, trained dogs, celebrated birthdays and lived the life he did not know the meaning of. When he still wondered why he was on the page at all, he decided to jump off, only to tumble back again and find every person, every animal and every single thing he had ever touched or loved waiting for him. That’s when he knew why he was on the page after all.

This is a moving story for such little readers! Parents might tear up a bit while reading to their children. The illustrations are beautiful and comforting, and convey the mystery in the ordinariness of daily life with cute, accessible characters. The prose is perfect for children without being too young for adults to appreciate. At the same time, the book has a very philosophical, existential message that is a great conversation starter.

The overall message is sweet, gratifying, and comforting. Life is about who we touch, who we love and who loves us back. This book is a wonderful way to talk to children about the grand scheme of everything. Highly recommended for the whole family, and especially school-age children.

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