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The Dog Tales Collection, by Patricia A. Brill, PhD | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Patricia A. Brill, PhD
The Children’s Book Review | October 28, 2016

The Dog Tales Collection

Written by Patricia A. Brill, PhD

Illustrations by Curt Walstead

Age Range: 3 – 8 years

Paperback: 34 and up

Publisher: Functional Fitness, L.L.C

ISBN: 978-0981555188, 978-0981555195, 978-0981555133, 978-0981555164

What to expect: Dogs, Life-Changing Events, Fears, Emotions, Illness

The Dog Tales Collection is a series of books that are written from the point of view of dogs going through life-changing events. These circumstances are very challenging and the stories show how the dogs work through their fears, uncertainty, and in some cases – sadness. The books are buoyed by great illustrations that demonstrate the author’s message, as well as help show the emotions felt by the main dog characters. These vibrant illustrations ensure the stories are relatable and grounded – especially for the younger reader.

The Road to Recovery is Paved with Dog Treats!In The Road to Recovery is Paved with Dog Treats!, Murphy the dog has to undergo surgery and is scared about what will happen. The story presents factual information about the process, while at the same time provides a touching series of dog and cat encounters to help Murphy feel better about his situation. The story provides an uplifting message of courage and reassurance, and will appeal to those that have concerns about a pet needing surgery.

Porsche Bella's Forever Home!Porsche Bella’s Forever Home gives readers a glimpse into the emotions felt by an abandoned dog who then finds her forever home. Patricia A. Brill’s main character, Porsche Bella, feels anxiety and trepidation when landing with a new family, but the dogs she meets in her new home help calm her fears and normalize her emotions. Porsche Bella is a character that is relatable for young and old, and the story will help a young reader understand the importance of fostering animals and treating them with kindness and love.

Do Bad Dogs Get Cancer?In Do Bad Dogs Get Cancer?, readers are given a glimpse into the very real questions that can arise when someone hears the diagnosis of cancer. The two dogs that anchor the story are best friends, and their journey together from one dog’s diagnosis to treatment to recovery introduces readers to thoughtful ways to learn about illness and friendship under trying circumstances. The most heartfelt message throughout is one helping the dog with cancer understand that he has a friend:

“Remember, you are not alone in this struggle. If you are ever scared or sad, angry or mad, you can always come and talk to me.”

Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See YouPatricia A. Brill’s book Don’t Say Good Bye Just Say See You is a realistic portrayal that takes the reader through the experience of losing a pet. The main messages of the story are faith and friendship. Faith appears as the dogs together accept that death is only a step on the way to being reunited in heaven. And friendship is woven throughout the story as the dogs are seen loving and caring for each other. The heavy subject matter is made digestible by realistic and delightful dialog between the two best friend dogs, Boxster and Turbo.

“Thanks for being with me through all of this,” said Boxster. “You’re welcome,” said Turbo. “That’s what best friends are for.”

Overall, the Dog Tales Collection is ideal for kids and parents that are experiencing a hardship, as related to a pet, which are also applicable to other non-pet related situations. These books provide a wonderful blueprint for working through confusing questions and emotions, and they would serve as a valuable tool for readers navigating tough life situations.

Available Here: www.functionalfitnessllc.org or amazon.com

About Patricia Brill, PhD

Patricia Brill, PhD, developer and noted author The Dog Tales Collection

Patricia Brill, PhD

Patricia Brill, PhD

Brill’s The Dog Tales Collection is the first collection of books written to help parents start a conversation with their children regarding issues or concerns they may have with their pets. These books help them better understand what happens when their pet or a loved one has cancer, undergoes surgery, stays overnight at the hospital, or even dies.

Brill, holds a dual PhD in exercise physiology and health education. She is an expert in developing functional fitness exercise programs for specific daily activities and is the author of the award winning If Your Dog is Fat You’re Not Getting Enough Exercise!

Her personal experience with family, friends, and their children going through cancer and other life challenging situations inspired her to write the Dogs Tale Collection of children’s books.

Dr. Brill was awarded both a silver and bronze Readers Favorite 2016 Award for children – animals books. She also won a bronze medal from 2014 Mom’s Choice Awards Honoring Excellence; Silver Award Recipient Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8): Self-Improvement for the Dog Tales Collection.

She is a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and has published more than 25 peer-reviewed research articles, co-authored fitness prescription provider guide for physicians and health professionals and has presented on exercise for older adults at more than 15 national conferences.

Dr. Brill’s current family includes husband Dino and rescue dogs Turbo, Cayman, Carrera, and Porsche Bella. In her free time she enjoys boating, traveling and listening to blues music.

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