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Ice Dream’s Wish, by Nasrin Mottahedeh | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Roxana Morgan
The Children’s Book Review | January 2, 2017

Ice Dreams WishIce Dream’s Wish

Written by Nasrin Mottahedeh

Illustrated by Mehri Dadgar

Book: 37 pages

Age Range: 3-8


ISBN: 978-0-9888829-1-1

What to expect: Holidays, Snowmen, Morality, Christmas

A snowman was built by three sweet children. They gave him gifts – sparkly marbles for his eyes, a red rosebud for his heart, and a big yellow apple for his brain. These gifts made the snowman come alive. But he misses his little friends whenever they go home or go to school.

One day an angel comes to him and gives him the gift of movement. Thus begins the snowman’s adventure to find his little friends. But a curious thing happens along the way – he starts to learn what it means to be human. He first helps a hungry rabbit by giving up his nose, then he gives his red mittens to a thoughtful young man who was cold. He gives his bead eyes to a little girl who couldn’t afford a Christmas gift, and his warm heart-covered scarf to a woman who needed it.

By the time he reaches the school to find his friends, the snowman is only snow. The children find that their friend is no more, and rebuild him the next day with his rosebud heart, apple brain and new eyes. To their surprise several people (and a bunny!) come over to help put the finishing touches on the snowman. They all came after receiving a kindness from the snowman, and when they were finished, he was alive again.

Ice Dream's Wish Illustration

This is a sweet story for the holiday season about sharing and kindness to others. The prose is a little choppy at times, but the story itself is thoughtful for the holiday season. The illustrations are completely unique and absolutely fascinating. Readers will find the bold colors and fresh take on snowmen and holiday decorations really interesting. Recommended for elementary-school children during the holiday season.

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About the Author

Nasrin Mottahedeh

Nasrin Mottahedeh

Nasrin Mottahedeh was born and raised in Iran. After she received her BA degree in psychology she continued her education in journalism in England. Then she returned to Iran, finishing her education in broadcasting, and began to write professionally. Along side writing articles for children and adults, she started producing family shows and literature programs on Iranian National Television. Her show, “A trip From Spring to Paradise”, was nominated and chosen for the best TV show in 1976.

After she moved to the United States with her husband, she started the publication of “ZAN Magazine” for the Iranian community. This magazine was very well-loved among Persian writers and families. Nasrin is extremely creative with a brilliant sense of humor that reflects well through her work.
Ice Dream’s Wish is her first Children’s book. Nasrin is working on her next book, a novel that presents her wonderful humor with regard to children and family values.

About the Illustrator

Mehri Dadgar

Mehri Dadgar

Mehri Dadgar was born and raised in Iran. She first attended art school at Art University in Tehran. Later immigrating to the United States, Mehri earned her Master’s Degrees in Art from California State University, Northridge.

She went on to receive an MFA degree in Studio Art from California State University, Long Beach.

Mehri has had a solo exhibition of her paintings at Cambridge University in England, as well as being selected for the Annual New American Paintings expo.

A prolific artist, Mehri is also involved in film, including making a Cinéma vérité  documentary on the cheldren of orphanages in Mexico and a Slice-of-Life about the workers and patrons of a Southern California car wash. Mehri’s film, In the Grave, won a Gold Remi at the 40th Annual Houston International Film Festival.

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