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My Writing and Reading Life- Amy Shrodes, Co-Author of Lost and Found Cat

My Writing and Reading Life: Amy Shrodes, Co-Author of Lost and Found Cat

The Children’s Book Review | January 30, 2017

Amy Shrodes and Doug Kuntz felt compelled to travel to Greece to help with the refugee crisis, each in their own unique way—Amy as a volunteer helping the arriving refugees and raising awareness back at home through a podcast, and Doug as a photojournalist, who spent five months in Greece, Turkey, France, Germany, and finally Norway, bringing the plight of the refugees to people around the globe. When they met Kunkush, they knew he was very special to someone and they wanted to do everything they could to reunite him with his family.

Get to know a little more about Amy Shrodes writing and reading life in this exclusive interview.

I write because …

… it’s a way of expressing that which is felt most deeply in my inner world in a way people can relate to in the outer world.

I read because …

… it exercises my imagination.

 My latest published book is …

LOST AND FOUND CAT: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey

I wrote this book because …

… kindness matters. Refugees like Kunkush’s family have been through much more than I could ever imagine before meeting them. This book was written in hopes to raise compassion about what we have in common as a human family across the world. No matter where you are from, being kind in the moment is universal. This true story demonstrates how stepping up to help, however you feel inspired to, could make a bigger difference than you may think.

Best moment …

… anytime I’m traveling alone! A few of my favorite moments (because how can you pick just one?): Staring at the sea while exploring Alameda in Lisbon, Portugal; seeing the jaw-dropping views during the Bernina Express train ride through the glaciers of Switzerland; hanging out with the seagulls and the cliff cats on the trails of Cinque Terre, Italy. And of course, the moment we reunited Kunkush with his family. 🙂

My special place to write is …

… any place where I can sit cross legged with a view of nature.

Necessary writing/creativity tool …

… a tiny notebook and my grandfather’s pen.

The person who has been my greatest writing teacher or inspiration is …

Christy Counts, a role model who taught me how to write with tenacity, never believe anyone who tells you that you won’t be able to do something because you’re a woman, and to always have multiple people proof-read your work.

Currently reading …

THE RED LION by Maria Szepes.

Favorite bookshop …

Full Circle Bookstore in Oklahoma City. 

All-time favorite children’s book I didn’t write …


Favorite illustrator …

Dr. Seuss.

A literary character I would like to vacation with …

Aslan from Chronicles of Narnia! He could take us anywhere in the world with 0 emissions. 🙂

When I am not reading or writing I am …

… hiking with my boxer dog Olivia, snuggling with my feline friend Yeti, longboarding, exploring off the beaten track (solo or with friends), listening to music, or working on editing recordings for my podcast “Unified Threads.”


Lost and Found Cat- The True Story of Kunkush's Incredible JourneyLost and Found Cat: The True Story of Kunkush’s Incredible Journey

Written by Doug Kuntz and Amy Shrodes

Illustrated by Sue Cornelison

Publisher’s Synopsis: The true story about one cat’s journey to be reunited with his war-torn family has been seen by millions of people and is now a heartwarming picture book.

When an Iraqi family is forced to flee their home, they can’t bear to leave their beloved cat, Kunkush, behind. So they carry him with them from Iraq to Greece, keeping their secret passenger hidden away.

But during the crowded boat crossing to Greece, his carrier breaks and the frightened cat runs from the chaos. In one moment, he is gone. After an unsuccessful search, his family has to continue their journey, leaving brokenhearted.

A few days later, aid workers in Greece find the lost cat. Knowing how much his family has sacrificed already, they are desperate to reunite them with the cat they love so much. A worldwide community comes together to spread the word on the Internet and in the news media, and after several months the impossible happens—Kunkush’s family is found, and they finally get their happy ending in their new home.

This remarkable true story is told by the real people involved, with the full cooperation of Kunkush’s family.

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Crown Books for Young Readers | January 31, 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1524715472

Available Here: 

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  • What a wonderful story. Putting this book on my to-buy list.

    February 6, 2017

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