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Eye of an Eagle- A Peter Poppin Adventure, by Janet Hafner Dedicated Review

Eye of an Eagle: A Peter Poppin Adventure, by Janet Hafner | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Janet Hafner
The Children’s Book Review | February 15, 2017

Eye of an Eagle- A Peter Poppin AdventureEye of an Eagle: A Peter Poppin Adventure

Written by Janet Hafner

Age Range: 9-12

Paperback: 124 pages

Publisher: Janet Hafner (November 8, 2016)

ISBN: 978-1532305542

What to expect: Dogs, Maine Coast, Buried Treasure, Survival

Replete with pirate lore, tales of friendship, two strange men and a shaman, Eye of an Eagle: A Peter Poppin Adventure is a fast-paced and mystical coming-of-age tale set in the 19th century.

This story begins on a stormy day on the coast of Maine, with Peter Poppin determined to find the right piece of driftwood to carve a mermaid for Ma’s birthday present. Distracted by village talk of pirate ships, he begins digging and finds a small silver box wrapped in blue fabric—he just knows it is buried treasure. But still determined to find the perfect piece of wood before daylight disappears, Peter ends up getting hurt. He finds himself blinded in one eye and trapped beneath a pile of wood, with only his trusted companion, a pet dog named Patches, knowing where he is. Patches leads Pa to Peter and so begins a healing journey with a swashbuckling plot twist and a symbolic eagle to help connect the dots.

Author Janet Hafner has interwoven relatable elements for a middle grade novella: struggle, risk taking, bullying, parental relationships, blossoming friendships, and camaraderie. She sets the pace carefully through sentence structure, allowing readers to be in the moment: quick sentences with few words set the scene and build anxiety for gripping moments that keep pages turning. In other situations, she takes her time, using longer descriptions to allow the reader to more deeply consider the circumstances of the story and their possible consequences or outcomes.

“Like a storm cloud, I open up and pour all the visions into the warm, cabin air—the pirate ship sinking, the beautiful woman receiving a gift. The images churn and swirl around Pa’s head like a hurricane.”

For anyone looking for a quick read with preternatural substance, Janet Hafner’s Eye of an Eagle: A Peter Poppin Adventure is certainly recommended.

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About Janet Hafner

Janet Hafner

Janet Hafner

JR Hafner is a member of the San Diego Writers Editors Guild and The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Her debut novel, Eye of an Eagle, received a “highly recommended” rating from the SDW/EG Manuscript Review Board. Her essay, The Unknown, is published in The Guilded Pen, the 2016 Anthology.

Inspiration springs from the adventures of her thee sons, dream sagas and travel. When not creating memorable scenes, she volunteers or attends her grandchildren’s sports competitions.

To stay up-to-date on forthcoming projects, please visit Janet at www.jrhafner.com or send her a message at jrhafner19 [at] gmail [dot] com.

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