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Honey R. Adewole Discusses Materbeampater

Honey R. Adewole Discusses Materbeampater

Interview sponsored by Honey R. Adewole
The Children’s Book Review | March 1, 2017

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The Children’s Book Review: What inspired you to write Materbeampater?

Honey R. Adewole: I wanted something that’s not so common in this very politically correct world of ours. Something cool enough to remind me of when I was growing up. It was the perfect combination of morals and humour.

Who do you think the perfect audience is for the humor that you put forth in this collection of naughty and mischievous short verses?

I think it’s for everyone. I wrote it with kids aged 5 & up in mind but it’s equally entertaining for the parents reading to or with them. I think it could jiggle a few memories of their childhood as well.

I’d like to think librarians can recommend it to naughty kids, and teachers can use it to emphasize the importance of good manners and enhance the “every child is different/special” notion.

The book is separated into three segments: The Naughties (“Being naughty has never been so much fun.”), The Gritties (“Being gritty has never been so easy.”), and The Notables (“Being notable is the new cool.”). Why did you select these titles for the segments?

The funny thing is I didn’t separate them into these segments until the book was finished.

I read it and it just seemed so scattered. Separating it in that way was the best decision I made about the book. It gave the book a clearer perspective.

The Naughties captures the “fable(ish)/ humour” tone I intended.

The Gritties captures the every child is different and the importance of accepting who you are tone I intended (with humour)

The Notables – in a way, combines the humour and the other things that the naughties and gritties represent. The two stories under the Notables (Slacked nose Linda and The Tea Pot people) can be very much enjoyed by the younger kids. They are the simplest to read in terms of age.

Tea Pot Pple

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?

With the naughties, that there is a bit of naughty in all of us but there comes a time when you must realize “You are bigger and better than that” and no bad deed goes unpunished.

With the gritties and notables, I think every kid goes through that “I am different” phase and my message – the answer to that is usually you or something so simple you can just about miss it if you let that feeling get to you.

Sachi Patel created the illustrations that are peppered throughout the book. How closely did you work with Sachi?

The publishers managed the intermediary role but he did it to my perfection. We started production in April 2014 and a lot of time went into revising the pictures. So go Sachi!!

Drooly Caroly

Where and when did you learn to write poetry?

Poetry was a part of my life growing up in primary and secondary school. Writing it came naturally with as much fun as reading it. I definitely see myself writing more poetry in the future even for a more mature audience.

Can you describe your journey to becoming a published author?

“Rejection the road to victory”. I had about four NOs before Olympia Publishers signed me on.

What does a typical writing day look like for you?

Every day is thinking day, while walking or doing dishes. But writing just happens, first the clumsiness of an overcrowded mind, then arranging those words perfectly and then the relief when it’s finally on paper. There just has to be that calm and quiet and then the writing happens.

Will there be a Materbeampater book two?

Amen! Yes. Hopefully. If there is it will be called XAMSBEAMPATER. I aim to start working on it soon.

Is there anything else that you would like to share with us about Materbeampater or yourself?

MATERBEAMPATER is a book a child can grow with.

MATERBEAMPATER will make a wonderful animation film.

You can expect more mischief and silliness in future books from me.

Reading children’s books keeps me young at heart.



Written by Honey R. Adewole

Illustrated by Shachi Patel

Publisher’s Synopsis: Meet the NAUGHTIES! Being naughty has never been so much fun. Meet the GRITTIES! Being gritty has never been so easy. Meet the NOTABLES! Being notable is the new cool. A collection of little stories to bring you big smiles… At bedtime, daytime and funtimes.

Publisher: olympia publishers | 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1848975101

Available Here: 

About the Author

Honey Rita Adewole lives in London with her family. She enjoys creativity and looks forward to writing more exciting stories for children.

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