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Too Many Things by Tracy Bryan Dedicated Review

Too Many Things, by Tracy Bryan | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Tracy Bryan
The Children’s Book Review | March 29, 2017


Too Many Things

Written by Tracy Bryan

Illustrated by David Barrow

Age Range: 4+

Hardcover: 38 Pages

Publisher: Create Space & Ingram Spark

ISBN: 978-0692830147

What to expect: Minimalism, teamwork, interactions between parent and child

Too Many Things is a brightly illustrated book that tells of a young boy, Jamie, who is frustrated by his parents’ frequent weekend shopping trips. He feels that his family already has enough “stuff” and he wants his parents to stop buying things they don’t need such as, more toys and clothes. He ultimately convinces them to change their ways and teaches readers a lesson about minimalism along the way.

Tracy Bryan provides readers with a refreshing perspective on simplification. Children are not typically seen as the ones craving simplicity, so the message is that much more vivid when presented in such a way. Jamie, in very classic child fashion, pleads with his parents, but instead of begging for more things, he begs for less.

Jamie: “We just have too many things.”

Jamie’s Mom: “Too much stuff we like to shop for.”

And once his parents are convinced by Jamie’s words:

Jamie’s Mom: “We don’t need to go shopping this weekend.”

Jamie’s Dad: “Why don’t we organize the things that we already have?”

The story moves from focusing on not acquiring more things to organizing, and in some cases, parting with the possessions that the family currently owns. This provides a lesson to readers, young and old, about how to shed excess stuff and that being together is most important. Along the way, David Barrow’s vivid illustrations provide an engaging and age-appropriate backdrop for each new task the family tackles together.

This book would be well suited for the young pre-reader or early reader who enjoys stories about how families work together and make decisions as a team. It is also recommended for parents who believe their children would benefit from learning about living more simply, appreciating each other, and giving things away.

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About The Author

Tracy Bryan is an award winning self-published author for kids aged 4-12. She writes whimsical non-fiction picture books about emotions, coping skills, mental health and mindfulness. Tracy also likes to tackle social issues and speak directly to her readers about important topics that affect everyone. Tracy hopes to educate, inspire and empower kids and their families with her books. Tracy writes a monthly personal Blog for adults on her website and one for kids aged 6-12 called The Awesomeness Blog. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads. To learn more about Tracy or contact her, please email tracy[at]tracybryan[dot]com or visit her website tracybryan.com.

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