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Grandpa I Wanted to Ask by Alana Dorrell Dedicated Review

Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask…, by Alana Dorrell | Dedicated Review

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The Children’s Book Review | August 25, 2017

Grandpa I Wanted to Ask by Alana DorrellGrandpa? I Wanted to Ask…

Written by Alana Dorrell

Illustrated by Joan Coleman

Hardcover: 30 pages

Age Range: 4-8

Publisher: Lanier Press (2017)

ISBN: 978—1-63183-132-4

What to expect: Family, Intergenerational relationships, Farm life, Inquisitiveness

In Grandpa? I Wanted to Ask…, the author tells the story of her childhood growing up on a farm with her two sisters, her mother, grandmother and grandfather. The tale is heartwarming and full of loving anecdotes about intergenerational relationships.

Alana and her two sisters, Allie and Amy, live on a farm and enjoy all kinds of games and adventures. They spend their time outside playing and concocting schemes that their grandfather is always willing to help them with. On one particular day, Alana gets the privilege of helping her grandfather around the farm. As she watches him work, she is overcome by an amazing amount of questions—why does he have so much stuff? Why does he keep an old houseboat in the yard?—that she wants to ask. Yet, she doesn’t ask them out loud because she doesn’t want to break her grandfather’s concentration. And she is enthralled by all that she is seeing and learning.

The story is wonderfully told in a child-friendly way with colorful illustrations that punctuate the activity and the questions Alana is thinking about. Young readers will delight in the pictures of the farm animals and Grandpa’s activity on the farm and around town. Children that live and/or spend lots of time with their grandparents will surely relate to the loving and warm relationship portrayed here. Young readers will also surely relate to Alana’s inquisitiveness and may come up with some questions of their own. Perfect for a read-aloud session with grandparents!

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About the Author

Alana Dorrell

Alana Dorrell

First-time author Alana Dorrell grew up with her two sisters on her grandparents’ farm in The Redlands, Florida. The girls spent their days riding horses, making up games with their neighborhood friends, and playing outside until dark. She earned her bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Florida in 1989.

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About the Illustrator

Joan Coleman is an artist and designer specializing in book illustration, fashion, and home décor. Joan and her husband, Andrew, own and operate Ink Wonderland, a versatile art-and-design company that has the pleasure of working with clients across the USA and around the world.

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