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The Crystal Navigator_ A Perilous Journey Back Through Time Dedicated Review

The Crystal Navigator: A Perilous Journey Back Through Time | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge
The Children’s Book Review | October 20, 2017

The Crystal NavigatorThe Crystal Navigator: A Perilous Journey Back Through Time

By Nancy Kunhardt Lodge

Illustrated by Evi Gstottner and Nancy Kunhardt Lodge

Hardcover: 200 pages

Age Range: 8-12 years

Publisher: Wilwahren Press (2014)

ISBN: 978-0-9960885-3-4

What to Expect: Art, Artists, Adventure, Magic, Dogs, Science, Technology, Time Travel, Renaissance, Historical References

In The Crystal Navigator, Nancy Kunhardt Lodge weaves science, art, and a wise Corgi named Wilbur into an original and enchanting time travel adventure, complete with danger, suspense, and magic. As the story begins, eleven-year-old Lucy Nightingale experiences a major confidence defeating moment in school and when a new and mysterious teacher arrives with a fresh assignment, Lucy is convinced that she needs intervention to meet her own high expectations.

Lucy leans on her best friend Sam, with whom she has always shared a liberal imagination, healthy curiosity, and a deep bank of knowledge on topics like brain waves, gadgets, chromatic aberrations, and crystals. Sam suggests Lucy ask the Wise One, a magic being who listens to kids’ wishes. Lucy follows Sam’s advice and what happens next is a manifestation of every one of Lucy and Sam’s dreams and theories.

Wilbur, a charming Corgi tasked with helping children, appears and takes Lucy back in time to help her with her assignment to decipher five famous artist’s personalities in their paintings. Together, Lucy and Wilbur embark to Europe during significant historical periods to meet Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Jacopo Pontormo, Botticelli, and Michelangelo. This exhilarating experience serves not only as a fact-­‐ finding mission, but also as a journey of self-­‐discovery for Lucy, who learns to gain flight and confidence on her own thoughts. While Lucy has been looking for magic and power to help her fulfill her expectations, she learns that she has the magic within her to free herself from her own insecurities and achieve her dreams.

The Crystal Navigator is a distinct and imaginative tale that creatively brings together science and art, a captivating combination that will intrigue reluctant and discerning middle grade readers. Lodge’s descriptive narrative poetically illuminates the wonder and potential of science and technology as well as the depth and beauty of art, artists, and art appreciation. This valuable and unique perspective, coupled with Lucy’s determination and Wilbur’s endearing spirit, paint The Crystal Navigator as an entertaining and inspiring novel suitable to be shared aloud with boys and girls.

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More Praise:

“A vividly written work of juvenile fiction that mixes fantasy and suspense with messages of empowerment, history, art, and science.”—Kirkus Reviews

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About the Author

Writing Children’s Books has allowed Nancy Kunhardt Lodge to combine her love of writing with her love of art. She has a Ph.D. in Renaissance Art History. She taught at Universities in Boston and Washington, D.C. for twenty years. Nancy decided to stop teaching and write children’s books because they sustained her as a child.

Nancy has written several Lucy Nightingale books in memory of her maternal Grandmother, Dorothy Meserve Kunhardt, author of the ground-breaking books, Pat the Bunny, Lucky Mrs. Ticklefeather, Little Peewee, the Little Golden Library and many more books for young children. The inspiration for the Wise One who aids Lucy in her adventures is Nancy’s own wise Corgi, Wilbur—he sat her down one day and began to tell her stories.

For more information, visit: http://www.nancylodge.com/

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  • Thank for this review. I am so glad you liked the book. I would be most grateful if you would review Mona Lisa’s Ghost.

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