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Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Robert McLellan
The Children’s Book Review | January 4, 2018

GreatMoves-FrontCover-SM-wGreat Moves: Learning Chess Through History

Written by Sunil Weeramantry,‎ Alan Abrams,‎ Robert McLellan

Age Range: 11 years and up

Paperback: 372 pages

Publisher: Mongoose Press

ISBN: 978-1936277780

What to expect: Chess, History, Instructions

Introducing an active book that offers both a historical and instructional journey of chess through time that will please both the chess amateur and master. While novices can begin to learn to play the game, experienced players will be primed for a masterful strategic crush.

Great Moves: Learning Chess Through History is a unique book that starts at the very beginning, first exploring the origins of how chess was created, along with how the game was passed on to different cultures and people dating back to the 7th century BC. This foundational review of chess provides historical context about the game, and then begins to add in specific strategies and moves that relate to the moment in history when the game was being played.

The authors take readers through a deep analysis of the game’s ties to politics, culture, and religions through the years, creating a fascinating timeline about how the modern game was shaped by the past. The rich tapestry that is woven together by the authors truly demonstrates to chess players the nuances of how the game has adapted, and how these nuances can influence strategy for the present-day.

This intense, fact-based book is laid out in a way that will allow readers to take in the knowledge at their own pace. The book’s sections are organized with a reference-book approach in mind. The eager chess player can read chronologically or at will, based on their topic of interest. The authors have provided tools throughout the book to support readers as they make their way through the history of chess. Sections include discussion questions and exercises to complete, with an index and an answer key at the end of the book. Additionally, the chess terminology introduced throughout the book is highlighted in bold and defined in footnotes.

This book would be a great fit for serious chess enthusiasts looking to gain knowledge about the game and how best to improve their skills. It would also be suitable for teachers or chess experts, as the journey of learning this classic game through history could be a great adventure for chess players of all ages.

Available Here:

For more information, visit: http://www.nscfchess.org/parents-and-teachers/nscf-news/454-great-moves-chess-and-social-studies

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