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Sarah’s Shadow, by Nick Jones | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Full Media Ltd
The Children’s Book Review | January 4, 2018

Sarahs-Shadow-coverSarah’s Shadow

Written by Nick Jones

Illustrated by Si Clark

Age Range: 3 and up

Paperback: 32 pages

Publisher: Full Media Ltd

ISBN: 978-0993079498

What to expect: Self-acceptance, Making Wishes, Happiness, and Bullying

Sarah’s Shadow is a poignant story about a young girl who learns to be careful when making a wish, because it might not actually be what is desired. The book begins by introducing readers to Sarah Simpkins, a girl who is experiencing some teasing on the playground at school. The other kids make fun of her shadow, and when she wishes it away, she finds that the result isn’t what she expected.

At first, when Sarah’s shadow goes away, she is relieved, but then she worries if this will this be another way the kids will make fun of her? At summer camp, she tries to hide the fact that she’s missing her shadow, but it eventually becomes unavoidable.

Mr. Jones’s book captures the essence of how children can have times of self-doubt, and guides readers through these—often difficult—moments. The grounding theme is that a person needs to feel comfortable in their own skin – and shadow – despite what others might say. It shows readers that having the power to wish away a part of oneself isn’t a guaranteed path to happiness.


Throughout the story, the illustrations paint a bright and playful scene for readers that are visualizing Sarah and her shadow transformation. Her emotions pop off of the page, reinforcing to readers how deeply Sarah feels as she navigates the days with and without her shadow.

This story would be a great tool for children (or their adults) experiencing bullying or confidence issues, as the story demonstrates a way to work through emotions related to these topics. Also, the book would be fun for those looking for some new ideas for shadow shapes, as the illustrations demonstrate some excellent ideas for animal shapes that readers young and old would likely love to try!

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About the Author


Nick Jones

Nick Jones is an author, editor and proofreader based in the UK. He also owns Full Media Ltd, a Cheshire-based independent publisher and editorial agency.

He wrote his first book, a collection of homemade jokes called Gagged and Bound: A book of one-liners, puns and dad jokes, in 2014. Encouraged by good sales and positive reviews, he quickly followed the book with a sequel in 2015.

In 2016, when he was halfway through writing Gagged and Bound 3, Nick stumbled on the idea for a different book entirely. As he was putting his four-year-old son to bed one night, Nick asked him what book he wanted him to read, to which his son replied, ‘Could you make up a story, Daddy?’

Nick obliged and started ad-libbing, and out popped a story about a boy who loses his shadow. At that stage, the story lacked a middle or an end, but over time it evolved into Nick’s debut illustrated children’s book, Sarah’s Shadow. Nick changed the central character to a girl because he felt it fitted better with the book’s theme of body image. Illustrated by Nick’s friend, Si Clark, Sarah’s Shadow was published in December 2017. Nick is now working on a new children’s picture book and hopes to find time to write a kids’ joke book at some point in the future.

Originally from Bristol, Nick lives in Congleton, Cheshire, with his wife, two kids, three cats, two rabbits and numerous fishes.


For more information, visit: full-media.co.uk

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