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No Treats for Bullies! (Dog Tales Collection), by Patricia A. Brill, PhD | Dedicated Review

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The Children’s Book Review | May 21, 2017

No-treats-For-Bullies-cover-72resNo Treats for Bullies! (Dog Tales Collection)

Written by Patricia A. Brill, PhD

Illustrated by Curt Walstead

Age Range: 5-8 years

Paperback: 36 pages

Publisher: Functional Fitness, L.L.C. (February 28, 2018)

ISBN: 978-0999503409

What to expect: Dogs, Bullying

In this latest addition to the Dog Tales Collection, author Patricia A. Brill, PhD has created a story dedicated to children who stand up to bullies and support each other. This tale explores what it means to stand up for someone that is being bullied from the viewpoint of a dog.

Porsche Bella is avoiding the dog park because she is afraid of the unkindness she experiences there. Her brother Turbo is ready to do the right thing and support her. He empowers her by saying, “I will always be there for you. Together we can solve any problem.” However, Porsche doesn’t want to be called a tattletale or appear weak. Turbo doesn’t back down and continues with words of encouragement, “…remember, the best thing you can do is stand up for yourself and be proud of who you are.” After a dog meeting at the park, the dogs agree to make their park “bully free,” and an opportunity presents itself to show the bully what it means to be a friend.

Turbo embodies a strength that comes from his experience as a former bully. Turbo is incredibly wise, always knows the right thing to say, and is a very positive role model for young readers. The jovial rhyming poem at the end of the story is a fun way to summarize the main points and deliver the conclusive message:

“If you’re gonna be a bully and have your way

No Treats No Treats for you today!”

In a very straightforward manner, this story shows the effects that bullying can have on someone, and the importance of standing up for and helping those in need. An added bonus is the reassuring message that one can learn from one’s mistakes. Recommended for ages 5 through 8.

Available Here: www.functionalfitnessllc.org or amazon.com

About the Author


Patricia A. Brill, PhD

Patricia A. Brill, PhD is the creator of The Dog Tales Collection. The Dog Tales Collection, the first assortment of award winning books, were written to help parents start a conversation with their child regarding issues or concerns they may have with their pets. These books not only speak to the issues children have relating to their pets, but can also teach children about issues of life, illness, or diversity within their own lives. These books can also be used as a tool to address their child’s feelings of sadness, anger, and guilt, and clarify any misconceptions they may have regarding their pets, friends, or loved ones.

The first three books help children better understand what happens when their pet or a loved one has cancer; must undergo surgery; must stay overnight at the hospital; or even dies. The fourth book in this collection help children understand the importance of fostering and adoption companion animals. Finally, the fifth book teaches children that bullying is not okay, and it is important to stand up for yourself as well as others. Together Patricia and her husband Dino have rescued and adopted Chevron, Boxster, Turbo, Cayman, Carrera, and Porsche Bella, giving them all a second chance!

About the Illustrator

Curt Walstead

Curt Walstead

Curt Walstead has been working in the children’s market for over 20 years as an illustrator, cartoonist, character designer, and animation storeyboard artist. During that time he had the opportunity to work on many of today’s popular children’s shows such as Dora the Explorer, Clifford’s Puppy Days, Baby Looney Tunes, and Dragon Tales. Currently Curt resides with his family in Southern California and concentrates his efforts illustrating children’s books.

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