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Muchokids: Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Laura Chavez Campero
The Children’s Book Review | July 19, 2018

MuchokidsGalaxiasQuest_COVERMuchokids: Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe

Written by Laura Chavez Campero and Clark Watts

Age Range: 9-12 years

Hardcover: 78 pages

Publisher: Muchoworld Limited(2018)

ISBN: 978-1-912346-16-5

What to expect: Galactic intrigue, space travel, mystical relics

In Muchokids: Galaxia and Her Quest to Save the Universe, readers are introduced to a young space girl named Galaxia. The opening book in this new space-themed series sets the stage for a galactic battle that is sure to intrigue readers young and old.

Galaxia is on the run after the destruction of her home planet. She manages to escape with just one peculiar relic—a mystical book with special powers. Her father has asked her to keep the Book of Azbel safe, even though she has no idea what the book can do. All she knows is that she has to keep it out of the reach of any unsavory characters. She sets off through space to try and find some answers, leaving her burning planet in ruins behind her.

As she begins her mission, she meets a young boy who will become her trusted confidante and aide. Although their friendship gets off to a rocky start, Kazar helps Galaxia understand the depths of magic contained in the book and the impending doom that will come if the book falls into the wrong hands. Galaxia’s mission is slowly revealed to her and her plan to save the universe begins to take shape.


GalaxiasQuest_PictureBookVersionThis imaginative novel will appeal to young readers, ages 9-12, with an affinity for space travel, aliens and mystical relics. This first book introduces readers to the main characters and begins to lay out the details of their impending struggle. Readers will be left wanting more and looking forward to future installments.

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About the Authors

Laura Chavez Campero

Laura Chavez Campero

Laura Chavez Campero is a global citizen. She has lived in several countries worldwide and traveled to many more. She has been inspired by sights, sounds and people all over Earth. Laura received undergraduate degrees in economics and managerial studies at Rice University in Texas and an MBA from London Business School. She is also the founder of Lark & Berry, an environmentally conscious, luxury jewelry brand. Laura spent her childhood primarily in Mexico, where she dreamed of writing and illustrating science-fiction. Having launched both Muchokids and her jewelry company, Laura is so busy she has 7 phones, none of which she can remember to keep charged for a full day. Galaxia’s Quest to Save the Universe – #TheBeginning is her debut book.

Clark Watts

Clark Watts

Ever since he was 13 and began shooting comedy videos with friends, Clark Watts has sought to make his living through creativity. He received an undergraduate degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Oklahoma. If focus was an issue after graduating; spreading himself thin across writing, broadcasting, music and directing, Clark found the solution in working on Muchokids, where he’s able to combine all his passions. Clark has lived in the melting pot of Los Angeles for the last ten years working in various media. He continues to discover new, inspiring things there all the time. Not an inspiring thing: his favorite donut shop never making enough chocolates to last ’til he gets there. Galaxia’s Quest to Save the Universe – #TheBeginning is his debut book.

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