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Donna Gephart’s In Your Shoes | Meet The Characters

The Children’s Book Review | October 30, 2018

Get To Know Miles Spagoski—slightly neurotic, bowling enthusiast—from Donna Gephart’s In Your Shoes, the story of two middle school students who discover that it’s not always clear who could use a friend the most.

The Children’s Book Review: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Miles Spagoski: My ambition to bowl a perfect game. Love spending time on the lanes, so a game or two before school is always my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

I see you have a bag with you. Will you tell us what you keep inside of it?

My lucky bowling shoes, of course. Except when one of those shoes connected squarely with Amy Silverman’s forehead, I began to doubt the “lucky” part.

Are you hungry right now? Can we fix you anything to eat? Maybe we could make you your favorite dish?

I’ll just have a root beer . . . and try unsuccessfully not to spill it on Amy Silverman’s lap. It’s not easy being a neurotic bowling enthusiast, who is also a little clumsy when he’s nervous. And who wouldn’t be nervous around a cute new girl at school?!

Do you like to read?

The one thing that relaxes me is reading about strange ways people throughout history have died. One man was killed when a tortoise was dropped on his head by an eagle flying over. People believe the eagle thought the man’s head was a rock. (And that’s not the weirdest story I discovered!)

Do you have a favorite song?

I listen to the oldies station through scratchy speakers at my family’s bowling center.

Are you a rule follower or rule breaker?

I’d like to say I’m a rule follower, but the truth is I swindle kids for cash on the lanes. But I’m definitely going to stop doing that . . . as soon as I have enough money for my grandfather’s very special 75th birthday present.

When was the last time you felt embarrassed?

When do I not feel embarrassed. It was pretty bad when I spilled my drink on Amy’s lap, but there were other humiliating incidents with her as well. It’s a wonder she ever came back to the lanes, but I’m so glad she did.

If you weren’t answering the questions in this interview right now, what would you be doing?

I’d be hanging out with my friends at the bowling center, sitting at the snack counter, chowing down, or teasing them about their lack of bowling skills as I strive for my perfect game.

Do you have any secrets you would like to share with us before you go?

You might like to know the grand gesture I came up with for my new friend, but of course you’ll have to read the end of In Your Shoes to find that out. Now won’t you?

In Your ShoesIn Your Shoes

Written by Donna Gephart

Publisher’s Synopsis: The critically acclaimed author of Lily and Dunkin delivers another heartfelt story that will remind readers you never know who needs a friend the most, about two imaginative tweens who help each other find new beginnings.

Miles is an anxious boy who loves his family’s bowling center even if though he could be killed by a bolt of lightning or a wild animal that escaped from the Philadelphia Zoo on the way there.

Amy is the new girl at school who wishes she didn’t have to live above her uncle’s funeral home and tries to write her way to her own happily-ever-after.

Then Miles and Amy meet in the most unexpected way . . . and that’s when it all begins. . . .

Ages 9-12 | Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers | October 9, 2018 | ISBN-13: 978-1524713737

Available Here: 

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About the Author

Donna Gephart

Donna Gephart

Donna Gephart’s award-winning novels are packed with humor and heart. They include Death by Toilet Paper; Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen; How to Survive Middle School; and As if Being 12-3/4 Isn’t Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! Donna is a popular speaker at schools, conferences, and book festivals. For reading guides, resources, writing tips, and more, visit donnagephart.com. Follow Donna on Facebook and Twitter.

This interview with Miles Spagoski, a character from In Your Shoes, was conducted between Donna Gephart and Bianca Schulze. For similar books and articles, follow along with our content tagged with , and .

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