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Two New Kids Book Series that Prove Girl Power Can Start Young

Two New Kids Book Series that Prove Girl Power Can Start Young!

Dr. Anna C. Iacovetta | The Children’s Book Review | November 29, 2018

Two new kids book series, that are geared toward young girls, have emerged.  The elementary grade years can often be confusing, especially when dealing with friendships, school and what is deemed as “cool.”  What better way to empower these young ladies than with books whose main characters are girls who find their voice when it comes to friendships and passions.  Now that is cool!

Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters- The QuestioneersRosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters: The Questioneers #1

Written by Andrea Beaty

Illustrated by David Roberts

Rosie Revere, the engineer, is the young, beloved character in several picture book stories by Andrea Beaty.  In this premiere story of The Questioneers chapter book series, Rosie teams up with her Questioneer friends, Iggy Peck and Ada Twist to help her famous World War II great, great aunt, Rosie the Riveter.

Aunt Rose and the Blue River Riveters (“the smartest, sassiest toughest bunch of airplane builders”) require the expertise Rosie’s engineering.  Their friend June entered an art contest, but she had broken both of her wrists.  They asked Rosie to invent a contraption that could keep her eligibility in the contest.  With help of some of her friends, Iggy and Ada, Rosie was able to create a machine that June could to use with her arms to pump paint onto the canvas.

Through various trials and tribulations, Rosie and the Questioneers learned just as much about life from her aunt and the Riveters as they did about engineering and science.  Winning isn’t everything.  Friendship and family is what matters most.  Roberts’ illustrations not only depict the quirkiness of the characters, but also paint a picture of love among all of them.

The story does not shy away from what failure looks like, and it only builds upon the importance of the perseverance to never give up and to expect the unexpected.  The story ends with an extension of learning for the reader, with an “Ode to Valves” and what they are used for, along with a section on The Riveters.  Overall, this is a great extension to Beaty’s picture books, especially for 3rd and 4th graders.

Order a Copy Now: Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Ages 6-9 | Publisher: Harry N. Abrams | October 2, 2018 | ISBN: 978-1419733604

Miranda and Maude- The Princess and the Absolutely Not a PrincessMiranda and Maude: The Princess and the Absolutely Not a Princess #1

Written By Emma Wunsch

Illustrated by Jessika Von Innerebner

This is an easy-to-read chapter book that tells the story of two very different girls in the same class who seem to only share a classroom in common . . . or maybe more! Princess Miranda, in her fancy pink dress and sparkly shoes, cares little for school and learning and is only preoccupied with materialistic things such as shoes, nail polish, clothes, and shopping.  Her “royal tutor” was retiring and she was being sent to school.  She would be forced to make friends.

Then there is Maude, a freckled face, pants-wearing little girl with glasses who couldn’t be more excited to start school as she rolls in on her roller skates.  She makes certain that she abides by the rules, and loves to draw and do well in school.  Most importantly, she believes in social justice for all – no rudeness would be tolerated!

Tensions rise as Miranda decides not to invite Maude to her royal birthday party and Maude calls for the class to boycott.  However, as the story progresses, the two girls learn more one another and they find that they have more in common than they originally thought.

The story teaches not only empathy, but also the importance of communication and tolerance when it comes to making friends.  The comic-like illustrations by Von Innerebner definitely add to the story, and they help to visualize the true character of each girl.  There is no doubt, Miranda and Maude will be taking young girls on more adventures to come!

Order a Copy Now: Indiebound | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Ages 6-9 | Publisher: Harry N. Abrams | August 7, 2018 | ISBN: 978-1419731792

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