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The Squirrel Squire and the Tournament of Oaks: A Fantastic Tails Adventure | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Erik DeLeo
The Children’s Book Review | January 15, 2019

Squirrel-Squire-low-Res-BIGThe Squirrel Squire and the Tournament of Oaks: A Fantastic Tails Adventure

Written by Erik DeLeo

Age Range: 8+

Paperback: 92 pages

Publisher: Dark Cat Publishing (December 21, 2018)

ISBN: 978-1733513807

What to expect: Bravery, Perseverance, Self-Belief, and Action

From author Erik DeLeo, The Squirrel Squire and the Tournament of Oaksis the first book in the A Fantastic Tails Adventure series for kids ages 8 and up.

In a generations-old annual ritual known as the Tournament of Oaks, three squirrel clans battle to decide which clan will rule over the park. Puff, a member of the Gray clan that has ruled the park peacefully for many years, is squire to a kind and intelligent knight, Sir Pattercloud—the current champion of the Tournament of Oaks. With just a few more victories, Sir Pattercloud will be the most decorated champion in Clan Gray’s history. When Scratchclaw of Clan Black, normally one to hide behind others doing his dirty work for him, has a sudden interest in fighting in the tournament, the members of Clan Gray and Clan Brown worry about what will happen to the honor and traditions that currently hold the clans together in peace. Clan Black certainly does not operate the same way as Clan Gray and Clan Brown. If Scratchclaw was to win, well … who knows what would happen? When Sir Pattercloud goes missing, Puff sets out to find him, and, while doing so, learns how important it is to believe in oneself.

The pages are filled with intriguing elements such as divining acorns, sword-wielding squirrels, and sciuridae humor: “Listen here, you rabble of nut-chasing crazies, if you don’t calm down I will personally ferret out all your secret acorn stashes and eat them myself!” Between the quest to make sure peace remains in the park, and the action that builds to the very end, Erik DeLeo has created a suspenseful novella that keeps readers guessing all the way through.

The ultimate significance of Puff’s personal growth—character is more valuable than physical strength—is praiseworthy and ideal for readers that could benefit from the message of self-belief that comes from this easy read.

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About the Author

Erik DeLeo was born in Rochester, NY. He grew up reading fantasy and science fiction and avoiding the sun. He now lives in Santa Monica, California with his three cats, Marco, Barnabas and Caia. He doesn’t charge them rent even though they eat a lot. When he’s not writing, Erik enjoys reading, traveling, and spending too much on car parts. He also allows the Buffalo Bills to break his heart way too often.

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