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Dr Peter J Isikwe Discusses Jacks Awesome Adventures

Dr. Peter J. Isikwe Discusses Jack’s Awesome Adventures

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The Children’s Book Review | April 30, 2019

Dr. Peter J. Isikwe is just your average pharmacist turned children’s book author, with a love for literature and education that dates back to his childhood. His passions include writing, working with children, and hip-hop culture. His love for reading led him to develop stories that children could ultimately learn from while receiving a powerful message. Peter believes reading should be fun for children. When he’s not writing, he enjoys spending time with loved ones and exploring different genres of music.

The Children’s Book Review: For our readers that are not familiar with your best-selling series Jack’s Awesome Adventures, what are the books about and which age group did you write them for?

Dr. Peter J. Isikwe: My books are for early readers, ages 3 – 7. Jack’s Awesome Adventure is a book series about a young boy’s summer adventures with his grandmother in Houston, TX. His adventure is full of fun, learning and, most importantly, imagination. The educational book series is used as an adjunct in educational curriculums throughout elementary schools in the US.


You just finished the latest book in the series. What has been the best reaction from a reader, so far?

The reader’s reaction so far has been great. They truly loved how Jack was able to make a new friend in the latest book. They love going on the awesome adventure with Jack and learn new things along the way.

Your writing has been described as a unique style of education and imagination, while splashing diversity and hip-hop into it as well. How do you approach your writing to encompass all of these aspects?

I love writing, but I truly love involving my different experiences in my writing. Incorporating a diverse mix in my writing allows me to reach an audience that shares similar experiences.

How does your Nigerian upbringing influence your writing?

As far as being of Nigerian decent, its influence on my writing will have to be attributed to education. Education and learning was a cornerstone of growing up in a Nigerian household. So writing children’s books that incorporate learning and education was something I aimed to do.

Let’s talk about the exciting news that a major TV network is slated to turn Jack’s Awesome Adventures into an educational cartoon series for young children. How did this come about?

Writing children’s books has always been a passion of mine. The TV series was something I wanted to do since I wrote the first book. I didn’t waste anytime developing my screenplay after I wrote the first book. I’m excited about bringing the characters to life so readers and fans everywhere can watch Jack’s adventure on the small screen.

Will the TV series also be titled Jack’s Awesome Adventures? And where/when should we all be on the watch for the television debut?

The TV series will be named after the book series. Readers and fans everywhere can expect the TV series to be debuted in the upcoming future.

Will the TV series differ from the book series?

No, it will not differ. The TV series will be modeled after the book series. Readers and fans can expect the TV series to be just as fun and full of education and imagination like the book series.


As an advocate for early literacy, what words of wisdom would you like to impart on caregivers to encourage the importance of reading early in life?

I believe not only reading at a young age should be encouraged, but also encouraging the development of a passion to learn and appreciate literature. Caregivers should teach children early, that the world we live in thrives off literacy and education and can create a world full of fun and many opportunities.

Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about Jack’s Awesome Adventures, your writing, or yourself?

I was born and raised in Houston, TX and I love to write. Education and inspiring the youth of America is a passion of mine. You can expect the next book in the series to be even better.

Jacks Awesome AdventureJack’s Awesome Adventure

Written by Dr. Peter J Isikwe

Publisher’s Synopsis: Join Jack as he takes you on a journey of a not so typical summer day while visiting his grandma. While facing many challenges, Jack is still determined to finish what he started.Jack worked really hard on Grandma Tessy’s birthday card all summer so he could give it to her on her birthday. Little did he know, he was in for a huge surprise that day. Jack remembered all the things his grandma taught him and used them during his awesome adventure.

Ages 3-7 | Publisher: Peter J. Isikwe | December 4, 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-0692033050

Available Here:

For more information, visit:

www.jacksawesomeadventure.com | Facebook | Instagram

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