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I am an English Language Learner | Press Release

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Article provided by Melissa Campesi
The Children’s Book Review | November 6, 2019

How would you feel if your family moved to a new country where people spoke another language, ate different foods, wore different clothes, engaged in different pastimes, or celebrated different holidays? Maybe excited or scared? These are both normal emotions when starting a new life in a new place.

Immigrants encounter different challenges when coming to a new country. Some of the challenges they face are learning the native language and assimilating to new cultural standards. In isolation, these two pursuits are overwhelming. Many outsiders do not realize there is an emotional component as well. This life-changing venture is an emotional rollercoaster for most immigrants. On some days, they may feel a belonging to the new culture, whereas other days, they experience nostalgia and miss the familiar smells or faces of their native homes. Although many immigrants are grateful and eager to embrace their new lives in America, they often fear their roots will be trivialized. The children’s book, I am an English Language Learner, highlights these critical topics occurring in today’s diverse world.

I am an English Language Learner is a collection of interviews from immigrants who came to America from different countries. This book begins by introducing an EL (English Language) teacher who explains the importance of her role and invites readers to take a glimpse into her unique classroom. Subsequently, eight immigrant students from various countries individually share what they miss about their native countries, how they feel about living in their new homes, and what they dream of doing in the United States. Each student has a new story and unique journey, helping everyone understand that the best education comes from learning about one another. Young readers who are also new to America will feel a connection to these students. Other young readers who have lived in America longer will be reminded to be helpful and kind to newcomers.

I am an English Language Learner promotes cultural inclusivity, celebrates diversity, and encourages empathy. This book’s ultimate message is to be curious about one another by opening your ears, eyes, hearts, and minds for the people and world around you.

Book I Am an English Language LearnerI Am an English-Language Learner: The Real and Unique Stories of Immigrant Children in America

Written by Melissa Campesi

Illustrated by Kate DuBois

Publisher’s Synopsis: All around the world, people speak, read, and write in many different languages. Some languages have different alphabet systems, and others make sounds that don’t exist in English. Not only can our languages be different, but so can the ways we dress, eat, and greet others. When children come to the United States from other countries and need to learn English, they become English language learners. I Am an English-Language Learner introduces eight children from various countries who are learning English in their new homes. They share what they miss about their native countries, how they feel about living in the United States, and what they dream of doing. Each one has a new story and unique journey, helping everyone understand that the best education comes from learning about one another. This children’s book introduces young readers to new customs and cultures through the stories of students who are learning English as a second language.

I Am an English-Language Learner is a must-read for all elementary school-aged children and their parents. It can only open hearts and minds with the connections it aims to make.” — The Children’s Book Review

Ages 6+| Publisher: Self-Published | 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1-6847-0822-2

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