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Two Peppa Pig Books That Are Fun for Everyone

The Children’s Book Review | November 4, 2019

What to expect: Favorite Characters, Birthdays, Interactive

Peppa, everyone’s favorite British pig, celebrates her birthday and is ready to play magnets with preschoolers everywhere. Both books highlight jolly and sweet Peppa Pig, whose bright and colorful nature (and adorable squishy nose) entrance young children. With very low stakes and perfectly happy endings, both of these Peppa Pig books make excellent bedtimes stories. Fun for everyone and guaranteed sweet dreams make these terrific additions to a preschooler’s library.

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Adapted by Annie Auerbach

In PEPPA PIG: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Peppa starts her family’s day bright and early at five in the morning. Parents have all been there, and this funny book might give some kids a great new idea for their birthdays. The festivities begin with favorite breakfast cereal and birthday presents. Next is a magically fun party with Daddy Pig dressed as a magician to entertain all of her friends. In true Peppa Pig fashion, the story ends on a super high note with a beautiful yellow cake and candles. A perfect party for Peppa Pig, and a sweet adventure perfect for preschoolers who can’t wait to have their birthdays. There’s also a birthday card page inside where you can address the book to the birthday child.

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Ages 2-5 | Publisher: Scholastic Inc. | 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1338546132

Buy the BookPeppa Pig: Peppa and Pals: A Magnet Book

Adapted by Annie Auerbach

PEPPA PIG: PEPPA AND PALS, A MAGNET BOOK, small children will adore playing along with Peppa and her friends. Using magnets, children can decorate scenes and go on a make-believe adventure. There’s Peppa’s familiar classroom with the ever-patient Madame Gazelle, a moonscape with a rocket ship, an underwater scene with treasure, and more. Children who enjoy the show will love interacting with their favorite cheery character on this sturdy board book. The magnetic pages make play more manageable, and the convenient plastic case for pieces keeps things nicely organized.

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Ages 2-5 | Publisher: Scholastic Inc. | 2019 | ISBN-13: 978-1-338-30764-1

Two Peppa Pig Books That Are Fun for Everyone, a review by Denise Mealy. Discover more books like these Peppa Pig books by following along with our reviews and articles tagged with , , and .

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