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Interview with Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson Discusses Danny and the Moon

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Author Jennifer Dawson is so thrilled to be able to share her story of Danny and his moon adventure! She is a mother of three and a grandmother. After seeing how much her grandchild loved to be read to, she decided to put her idea into writing. Danny and the Moon is their favorite bedtime story!

Probably the most common questions for authors involve finding out the inspiration behind the story they wrote. There’s no way we cannot ask you what inspired you to write a picture book that includes a curious cat visiting the moon. So, please tell us what inspired Danny and the Moon

I have always loved space, especially the Moon and Mars, and since I couldn’t go, I would send Danny instead. Danny, Kipp, and Bubba would always stare out the window each night, but Danny does really like the full moon nights best. He even leaves a little ‘fog’ ring from his breath on the window.

Danny and the Moon Illustration

Which five words do you feel best describe Danny and the Moon? 

I would say-Inspiring, Motivating, Captivating, Loving, and Imaginative.

What do you hope young readers and their parents will take away from reading your book?

I hope that the readers would take away this: If you have a dream, you must work hard, finish school, and you can make your dream come true.

What has been the best reaction from a reader so far?

The best reaction I have had was from a young 1st grader, and he told me that ‘he will be an astronaut when he grows up’ just like Danny.

Why do you think there can never be enough books about cats?

Cats provide an endless source of personality, love, mischief, and entertainment—they keep us smiling and laughing.

The illustrations are so cheery and bring the perfect amount of energy to the pages. Can you share with us how you came to work with Kelly Breemer? 

I found Kelly through my publisher Wisdom House Books-and they were the ‘middle man,’ if you will, between Kelly and me.

What did the collaboration process look like between you and Kelly? 

Though I never got to speak to Kelly personally—her work was amazing. Kelly captured the ambiance of space through the captivating colors—purple is my favorite color— and the artwork; it tells the story. She did all of this from just my meager sketches that I had sent to her. 

ArtWhich illustration do you consider to be your favorite piece of artwork from the book? Why?

My favorite illustration is the first page of the book. It shows Danny dreamily reading a book of the moon. This illustration is really like me. I took an astronomy class in college and I was hooked on space!

If you could share one piece of advice on writing books, what would it be?

My advice will be if you have a story to tell, get it written down on paper. You can do this! Writing children’s books is so much fun! Bringing a concept to life through words and pictures is so fulfilling. And best of all, seeing all the children smile, laugh and giggle is so rewarding.

Can you tell us one more thing we may not know about Danny and the Moon, your writing style, or yourself?

I have traveled a little, but Danny’s adventures are just beginning—his experiences will take him around the world!

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Written by Jennifer Dawson

Illustrated by Kelly Breemer

Publisher’s Synopsis: Danny, A very curious cat, wonders what the moon is like. Is it really made of cheese? He is determined to find out. After going to astronaut school, Danny climbs aboard a rocket ship to the moon! He learns the truth about what the moon is made of, collects moon rocks for his family, and then returns home to a cheering crowd. But-is his adventure just a dream?

Ages 2 and up | Publisher: Wisdom House Books | March 29, 2018 | ISBN-13: 979-0692080572

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